How to Enter Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus – Step by Step Guide


The Korean Giant is one of the very few companies which sell their devices with boot-loader unlocked. Bootloader is to Android as Bios is to windows. It is the first thing that runs when you boot up your Android Device. With locked boot-loader you won’t be able to flash new kernel, update firmware or install any Custom ROMs available in market. Anyways, folks with Samsung devices doesn’t have to worry about it.

All Samsung devices are equipped with a built-in utility commonly known as Download Mode or Odin mode. This means your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus also have this capability and you are open to the whole new world of modifications, customizations and what not. Provided you know what you are doing as Download Mode/Odin Mode gives access to phones crucial partitions. One small mistake can turn your Smartphone into dumb phone

Follow our step by step guide on how to enter download mode on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus.

Note: Simply trying how Download mode looks won’t harm your device. But installing any Custom firmwares, root packages and custom recoveries will void your Official Samsung Warranty.

How to Enter Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus:

Step 1: Turn OFF your Galaxy Grand Prime Plus

Step 2: Now press and hold Volume Down + Home + Power buttons at the same time.

Step 3: After Samsung Logo Animation you will see a warning screen which would read ” A custom ROM can cause critical problems in phone and installed applications.” To proceed further just press Volume Up button once.

That’s it! Your Galaxy Grand Prime Plus is in Download Mode. If you want to get out of the Download Mode simply hold Volume Up + Power button for approx. 10 secs and your phone will reboot normally.