How To Fix Galaxy Note 8 Overheating Issue


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a beast of a smartphone with state of the art hardware installed it. With such beastly specs, packed in a small place, the smartphone can get little warm with heavy usage. But with users have been frequently complaining about Galaxy Note 8 getting really hot even after mild usage. Therefore, if you are facing Galaxy Note 8 overheating issue then you are not alone. Fortunately, it is not something which cannot be fixed. Today, we will tell you a couple of tricks through which you can fix Galaxy Note 8 overheating issue.

There could be many causes behind Galaxy Note 8 overheating issue, but the most common cause is a use of some bad third-party app. Yes, there are some apps out there which constantly sucks the life out of your device. Therefore, identifying such apps is really important. Anyhow, let’s get going with some tricks which could fix the Galaxy Note 8 overheating issue.

Galaxy Note 8 Overheating Issue

How To Fix Galaxy Note 8 Overheating Issue

Reboot to Safe mode

  • First of all, make sure that your Galaxy Note 8 is powered ON.
  • Now, hold the power button, then hold the on-screen power button and you’ll be given an option to Reboot to Safe Mode.
  • Once rebooted, you will clearly see “Safe Mode” written in the corner.
  • Now if the overheating problem is fixed. It means that there is some third party app causing the issue. Find that app out and remove it.

Factory Reset

  • Launch Settings from your app drawer.
  • Now go to Personal >> Backup and reset >> Factory Data Reset.
  • You will receive a warning that your data will be erased. If you ready for hard reset, ignore the warning and tap “Reset Device”.

We hope above fixes will solve your Galaxy Note 8 overheating issue. If you have any other solution please let us know in the comments.


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