How To Fix Galaxy S7 Edge Fast Charging Not Working


Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ release is just around the corner and people are anxiously waiting for these devices to fall in their hands. Among all the buzz about Galaxy S8/S8+ on the internet, one must not forget that Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge is still considered a King. Since users are using this device for over a year now without any problems. Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge is so popular that people decided to pardon Samsung for the Galaxy Note 7 debacle. Galaxy S7/S7 Edge was released with state of the art tech at that time and edge technology was immensely improved compared to its predecessor.

One of the most distinctive features of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge was fast charging. Samsung improved so much in this tech that they are now producing Wireless fast chargers. Fast charging is one of the most practical features of recent times. It saves you a lot of time, to put in perspective — 30 mins of charging from 0% is enough to keep you going for 2 to 3 hours. Fast Charging is a combination of Firmware, Device, Data Cable and Fast Charger. If any aforementioned is malfunctioning your fast charging will stop. Therefore it’s not only fast charger, there could be other things which cause this feature to stop working.

Here we will provide you with various methods in case your Galaxy S7 Edge Fast Charging Is Not Working.

Galaxy S7 Edge Fast Charging Not Working

Check Fast Charger:

In the first place, check whether your Fast Charger is not faulty. A faulty fast charger will not only stop the fast charging feature but it can also damage your device. So, replace your charger and buy a new one with Fast Charger tag on it. Beware of counterfeit fast chargers available in the market.

Check Data Cable:

The next important thing is data cable. Make sure that you are using an original data cable or OEM data cable. It is recommended to use original/OEM data cable to connect or charge your phone. Cheap quality data cables will stop the fast charging feature.


Check USB Cable and Charger Connections:

Most of the times we don’t plug-in USB Cable tightly into the fast charger. To benefit from the fast charging feature make sure that you have proper plugged in USB into the charger. Otherwise, Galaxy S7 Edge Fast Charging Will Not Work.

Wipe Cache Partition of Galaxy S7 Edge:

Fast charging feature is not because of hardware only, the firmware is also involved in this feature. Therefore, if you think your Galaxy S7 Edge Fast Charging stopped working because of some firmware issue then try clearing the cache partition of your phone. Here’s how to Wipe cache Partition of Galaxy S7 Edge.

  • Turn off your device.
  • Press and hold Volume Up + Home + Power key to turn it on now. Press these keys simultaneously.
  • As soon as the screen turns on let go the keys.
  • In the recovery mode, navigate to Wipe Cache Partition > Yes.
  • Reboot the phone and check if the issue is resolved.

Check Galaxy S7 Edge Charging port:

In last, check your device’s charging port. If there is dust in it than your fast charging will not work. To fix it, try to clean the charging port and try connecting the fast charger again.

Kindly let us know which one of the methods worked for you. Or if you have any other methods in your mind, kindly drop them in the comments section and we will include them in the post.