How To Fix YouTube Playback No Longer Working In Background In Firefox On Android


Firefox had the unique ability to continue playing YouTube videos in the background. No matter if you minimize the browser or switch to another app, the video was not interrupted and kept on playing. But unfortunately, recently Mozilla removed this feature after the unfavorable response from Google. Firefox’s feature of continue playing YouTube video in the background was great for music listeners. Users used to stream their favorite music video and carried on with other tasks. Now, this features has been pulled out officially by Mozilla. However, in this tutorial, we will tell you How to Fix playing YouTube videos in the background in Firefox on Android. With this small fix, you will be able to get back this feature in a jiffy.

There is a small add-on developed by Timothy Chien, this Firefox add-on is called “Video Background Play Fix”. You just need to install YouTube background playback fix for Firefox and you will get the background playback feature back. Without any further ado, let’s jump straight to the guide and see how to fix YouTube background playback issue on Firefox.

playing YouTube videos in the background

How to Fix Playing YouTube videos in the background in Firefox on Android

  • First, make sure latest version of Firefox is installed on your Android Device.
  • Now launch the Firefox from App drawer.
  • In Firefox go to, Menu >> Tools >> Add-ons >> here tap on Browse all Firefox Add-ons. Now search ” Video Background Play Fix” and Add the Add-on in Firefox.

And that’s it! Now you can play YouTube videos in the background in Firefox on Android as you were able to do before the Mozilla removed this feature. If you have any other solution, please share with us in the comments section.