Google Starts Crack Down Against Uncertified Devices – GApps Installation Blocked


Google has just started crackdown against uncertified devices in which the search giant will block access to all Google branded Apps like Gmail, Maps, the Play Store etc. The Android is an open-source system which means it can be installed on any device without needing any kind of license. However, the set of Google Applications (GApps) are proprietary thus Google doesn’t them to run on any device which is not approved by Google. Therefore, if you are using Google Apps on devices like Amazon Fire OS or an exclusive to China device then soon you will be out of luck.

For years, Google allowed the Google Apps on uncertified devices via sideloading process. All you had to do was to download a zip file containing all Google Apps and then sideload it onto your device. However, now any device that is uncertified with an Android build compiled after March 16, 2018, will get the following error message after they sideload the apps:

uncertified devices

The error message clearly states that you are using an uncertified device, therefore, you should contact the manufacturer and ask for a certified device. The second message urges manufacturers to contact Google to get their devices certified. The last one gives a free ticket to Custom ROM users. If you are using Google Apps on Custom ROM then don’t worry, all you have to do is click here and get your devices registered. Having said that, on Device Registration page instruction asks you to put your Android ID, but that’s not exactly what you need to enter. Instead of Android ID enter IMEI Number of your device. Otherwise, it will result in a failed entry.

Google is facing heavy criticism from Android community for taking this decision. On the other hand, Google thinks that it’s necessary to make sure that GApps are running on secured devices.

Please let us know what do you think about this decision.