HandShaker Best Alternative to Android File Transfer for MAC


Transferring files from MAC to an Android device is an issue which is faced by users since the launch of Android Operating System. Android uses Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) to move files to and from the desktop, this feature comes built-in in Windows but unfortunately it’s isn’t available in OS X. And Apple seems to have no plans to include this feature natively in OS X in near future. Therefore, MAC users have to resort to alternate ways of transferring files from MAC to and Android Device. One of those ways includes use of a piece of software known as Android File Transfer Program. This piece of software provides principal functionality of copy/paste and nothing else. But many of us are always searching for alternates of Android File Transfer Program because this program doesn’t even work all the time.

We are bringing to you best alternative to Android File Transfer for MAC, HandShaker and Portal by Pushbullet. HandShaker is a good program with an interface quite similar to the Finder Window on a MAC on the other hand Portal comes in handy if your file transfer preference is wireless. Portal shares files over your Wi-Fi network via a web browser. Lets’ learn how to setup both HandShaker and Pushbullet.

How to Setup HandShaker – Alternative to Android File Transfer for MAC

Step 1: First of all Uninstall Android File Transfer from your MAC, if it’s installed already. Now download and install HandShaker on your MAC.

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging on your Android Device. This option can be enabled from Developers Options which are hidden by default. To make Developers option appear, go to Settings > About Phone, here rapidly tap on Build Number 6 to 7 times. Now go back and you will the Developers Option.

Step 3: Now Launch HandShaker on your MAC and connect your Android Device via a USB Cable. Here you will be asked to Authorize your MAC to access the Android Device you connected. Now check the screen of your Android phone and allow USB Debugging with this computer.

Step 4: After HandShaker successfully initialize, you will see all your content: Gallery, Music, Video, the Download folder, and general files and folders.

Step 5: That’ it! Now you can transfer files from your MAC to your Android Device and vice versa with simple clicks on Import and Export. HandShaker also provides Drag and Drop functionality.

How to Setup Pushbullet – Alternative to Android File Transfer for MAC

Step 1: Download and install Pushbulltet from Google Play Store on your Android Device.

Step 2: Open “portal.pushbullet.com” in your Safari Browser on MAC. You will see QR code on the screen. Now launch Portal on your phone and scan the QR code when prompted.

Step 3: And that’s about it, now your MAC and Android device is connected via portal. Simply drag and drop files into your browser Window. The files moved to your Android Device will be automatically sorted into Photos and Music folders and any other file transferred will reside in the folder name Portal.

Please let us know in the comments which Alternative to Android File Transfer you used.



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