How to change Google Assistant voice to Male or Female


During the Google I/O 2018 event, Google promised a numbers of products and services but the main attraction of the whole event was AI and Google Assistant. Google announced that they will launch new features for Google Assistant and make it friendlier for users. Now, Google has started rolling out new features for Google Assistant and one of those features is none other than the new voices for Google Assistant. You can now choose from 8 different voices for Google Assistant including 3 female voice and 5 male voices. You can easily change the voice settings which can be found easily under Assistant settings. In case you are having difficulty in finding the voice settings then you need to follow the steps.

change google assistant voice to new voices

Method #1: Change Voice using Google Assistant App:

Change Google Assistant Voice

The easiest way to change the voice settings of Google Assistant is by launching the Google Assistant by long pressing the home button.

Now, tap on the mic button and command, “change voice”. The Google Assistant will automatically change the voice and for the confirmation. Once confirmed, it will be set as the default voice of the Google Assistant.

Method #2: Change Google Assistant Voice through Settings:

The second way is to also very easy but you need to do some changes manually. For that, you need to go to Google Settings and launch Google App > Settings.

Now, tap on Google Assistant Settings > Preferences  > Assistant Voice.

Choose any color.

The colors are actually the other voices. That’s it. You have successfully changed the voice of Google Assistant.


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