How to increase RAM in Android Phones/Tablets Using SD Card Memory


If you are an Android user then you must be familiar, how much its important to have a fast Android device. If you want to install hundreds of games and Apps on your Android device then you must need an Android device having a blazing fast Snapdragon Quad Core Processor and at least 2 GB of RAM. If your Android device has a fast processor and low RAM then its almost useless, because due to lack of sufficient RAM you couldn’t run various apps at the same time. So, if you have an Android device with low RAM then we have a solid solution for this problem. Today, we are going to share some best methods which will not only increase your RAM but also improve device’s performance and allows you to run all modern Android games like Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Max Payne.

Best Methods to Increase RAM of an Android device:

Here are some of the best methods to increase RAM of your Android device:

1. Increase RAM Via an Android App:

The first method that we are going to share with our readers is how to increase Android RAM through an Android app. Well, there is an amazing app available on the Android Play Store and is called ROEHSOFT RAM Expander. Technically, this app allows users to create partitions on your SD Card and this partition memory will be sued as an extended RAM. One more thing, the more the memory on your SD card partition, the more will be your extended RAM.

Here are some features of the App:

– Free SD card memory as a RAM use (SWAP RAM / SWAP MEMORY)
– Swapfile RAM expansion up to 4.0 GB (file system limit)
– No limit on SWAP partition!
– The usual performance degradation when paged not occur with sd card from class-8
– Widget for PNP swap (swap on / off swap)
– Detailed Memory Information & Analysis
– Autorun
– Swappiness kernel parameter set
– Easy foolproof use
(1 click optimization and automatic calculation)
– Supporting Tung all Android devices (root access and Kernelswap support)

How to install ROEHSOFT RAM expander App on Android device :

If you can afford the paid version then we would recommend you to buy the paid version. For installing this app on your Android device all you need to do is open Google Play Store and search for ROEHSOFT RAM expander (SWAP) App. Tap on install button. Once installed run the app and increase the RAM of your device.


One thing that you need to make sure that either your device supports this app or not. For this purpose, you need to install the app, “Memoryinfo & Swapfile.

Free Method to Increase RAM in Android Smartphone:

  1. For this method to work you need your gadget has higher or class 4 micro SD Card.
  2. A Rooted Android Smart Phone or tablet.
  3. A Windows OS operated PC.
  4. SD Card compatible reader.

Make sure, you have installed Swapfile Android app and it shows that your device supports Swapfile.

Step 1: Create Partitions in SD Card in SD Card Partition Tool:

  1. For this method, use any SD Card Partition tool. For that purpose, we use mini tool partition wizard which you can download from here.
  2. Now put your SD Card into the card reader and connect it with PC in order to make internal space partitions.
  3. Now, format the SD Card and create partitions on SD Card by right clicking on SD Card and select the partition as partition as primary and file system as FAT32 for cards with more than 4GB of memory.
  4. Now, leave about 1 GB for next partition.
  5. Now click on DONE and again click on ‘make partition’ option and select primary option but change the file system to EXT2, EXT3 or EXT4.
  6. Apply all the changes and after processing for few minutes, the new partition will be created.

Step 2: Link the SD Card with a Rooted Android device:

  1. Now, that you have successfully created partitions, its time to link the SD with your Android device. For that the first thing you need to do is.
    Download the Link2SD app from Google Play Store.
  2. Once installed, launch the app and give root permission. Now, choose the .ext partition that we created above and start linking them.

Step 3: Increase RAM via Swapper for Root App:

  1. For this you need to download Swapper for Root Android App.
  2. Launch the App and select the amount of RAM you want to increase.
  3. This will create an .swp file and it will increase the RAM of your device.

Congratulations, you have successfully increased the RAM of your Android device. Now, you can easily run all the high end Android games and apps. If this process is too complicated for you then there are many free RAM apps available in the market that claims to increase or boost the performance of your RAM. Here I have listed the Top Free apps that will improve your RAM performance.

1. Smart RAM Booster:

Smart RAM booster is a nice and easy to use app for Android devices. It kills all the low priority background processes. Kill unnecessary third party apps processes that ultimately clears RAM and improve the overall performance of the device. It’s a small app and has a simple interface and comes with four different mods like Aggressive, Strong, Medium and Gentle. You need to choose one according to your demand.

2. Memory Booster:

Memory booster is also available in the market with both free and paid version. This app is easy to use and has a nice interface. It optimizes the memory of the device by defragmenting the memory and preventing the memory leaks by different applications. The paid version has more features but if you don’t want to spend any money online then you can use the free version.

3. Less < 1GB RAM:

Less < 1 GB RAM app is for all those Android owners having 512MB or 1 GB of RAM. This RAM booster cleans up all the memory occupied by third party apps and improves the battery life up to 15%. Like the rest, this app is also very simple to use.

That’s it. These are the best RAM apps that will improve the performance of your device. In case you find any that’s better than all of these then let us know in the comments.