How to Install Themes on iPhone and iPad Without Jailbreak


Installing themes on iPhone is not as easy as it’s on an Android phone. To install a theme on Apple’s iPhone you need to Jailbreak it first. Anyways, if you currently have a device which is not jailbreakable yet then you are in luck as we are going to tell you How to Install Theme on iPhone without Jailbreak. This method comes with limitations and it doesn’t give new look to existing icons instead it will install a new set of icons which link to the actual installed apps on your device. Tapping on the new icon will launch the relative app.

This is a very easy and convenient way to customize your iPhone without Jailbreak. And most importantly this customized theme can be undone pretty easily. We will tell you at the end of the post how to undo these changes.

Now without any further a due lets straight jump to the steps which you need to follow in order to install the theme on your iPhone without Jailbreak.

How to Install Themes on iPhone and iPad Without Jailbreak

  • First of all, launch the Safari Browser on your iPhone or any iOS device and type in the address bar and then hit “Go”. On this website, you will be able to get a number of themes which are available without any restriction. However, there are some premium themes as well for which you need to create/login into the account. Premium are still free, though.
  • Now scroll through the list of themes and select the one which suits you. Tap on it to enter main theme page.
  • At below you will see three sections named Lock Screens, Home Screens and Application Icons. Tapping on Lock Screens will let you select from a number of wallpapers to be used on Lock Screen. Same goes for Home Screen wallpapers.
  • After selecting suitable wallpapers, tap on Application Icons.
  • Tap on icons one-by-one to select them for the all the apps you installed on your iPhone. You can also rename the label which shows underneath the icon. See below image for example.

  • Once you have selected all the icons, scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on Install Icons.
  • When iOS brings up the Install Profile page, tap on Install on the top-right corner.

And that’s it! The theme is installed on iPhone without Jailbreak. However, as promised above we will also tell how to remove the installed Theme Profile. To do it simply head over to Settings > General > Profile and delete the installed Theme Profile.