How to Recalibrate the Compass On Your Android Device


If you are lost then you are most definitely are going to open your navigation app for quick and accurate navigation. However, there are chances that you find that your navigation app is not pointing in the right direction which means the pointer of your navigation app is moving here and there without any clue. It certainly means that you need to recalibrate the compass on your Android phone. Keeping your compass calibrated is really important as your navigation app is depending on it. There are several ways to recalibrate the compass, but in this article, we are going to show you three ways through which you can easily recalibrate the compass on your Android Device.

recalibrate the compass

How to Recalibrate the Compass on your Android Device

The easiest way to calibrate compass on your Android phone is through Google Maps. Every Android phone is destined to have this app.

  1. Launch Google Maps on the device on which compass needs to be recalibrated.
  2. Now hold the phone as you would normally do. While the phone is still facing towards you, tilt the phone forward (away from you) and then tilt the phone backward (towards you).
  3. Again hold the device as you would normally do. This time turn it to face to your left, then to your right.
  4. Get the phone back in the position where the screen is facing you. While the phone still faces you, tilt the top of the phone from one side to the other (like you’re switching to landscape mode).
  5. Your compass should be recalibrated now on your Android phone.

However, if for some reason, the above method doesn’t work then try the below method where you draw Figure 8 pattern to calibrate the compass. Watch the below video.

If you are still having trouble recalibrating the compass then try GPS Essentials.