How To Remotely Delete Android Phone Data Without Internet Connection


    If you lose your Android phone, the first thing strikes your mind is the data which got lost with the phone. The data itself is much more important than the phone itself. Therefore, its safety should be of paramount importance. Now in case, you have lost your phone. The first thing which comes to your mind is that how can you erase your data from the lost or stolen phone. Well, there several ways to do this, but all those ways require your phone to be connected to the internet. We have already written a guide on How to Remotely Lock a Lost Android Device, but it like I said your phone should be connected to the internet. Today, in this Android Tutorial, I am going to tell you how you can Remotely Delete Android Phone Data Without Internet Connection.

    The claim seems a bit farfetched, but it’s actually true and you can remotely erase your Android Phone’s data without the compulsion of your phone being connected to the internet.

    How to Remotely Delete Android Phone Data without Internet

    Before you dive into the guide, let me tell you that this procedure is going to involve a third-party app called Eradoo. Eradoo is the best alternative to Find My Device app. Even though Find my Device app is very effective and accurate it still requires your phone to be connected to the internet. On the other hand, Eradoo let’s user delete his personal data even without the Internet being enabled on the lost or stolen device. Eradoo, configures your phone in such a way that whenever the SIM on the device will be removed or blocked or restricted the application will trigger the deletion. If you buy the pro version, you can even get the mobile number of the person if a new SIM is inserted into your phone.

    Delete Android Phone Data without Internet Connection

    Let’s see how all this works, but first, you need to know how to activate and setup Eradoo on your Android Device properly.

    How To Setup and Activate Eradoo

    • Download and Install Eradoo from Google Play Store.
    • Launch the app from your App Drawer tap Close on the pop-up that appears.
    • Tap on the big Power Button and allow the required permissions. Then tap on it again and grant device administrator rights to the app.
    • Once, you give all the required permissions the Power Button will turn Red. Power Button turning Red indicates that your phone is ready to remotely delete data without internet in case of any unfortunate event.

    How To Remotely Delete Android Phone Data without Internet Connection

    • Swipe to the Settings Tab.
    • Here you will see Triggers and ‘Triggers’ portion gives you fours options which are self-explanatory.
      • Receiving SMS: This means if sending an SMS to your lost or stolen phone will trigger the action.
      • SIM Card Removal: If someone removes the SIM card from a lost or stolen phone, this will trigger the action.
      • Blocked SIM Card: Blocking the SIM Card will also Trigger the Action.
      • SIM Card Replacement: If someone tries to put his/her own SIM card in your phone, boom! it will trigger the action and your data will be deleted.
    • Upon trigger, you can tell the app to take what action. Below are the actions which you can select.
      • Erase Phone Data: This action will remove all your phone data.
      • Erase SIM Card Contacts: This action will erase your SIM Card Contacts. You will rarely find people nowadays who keep contacts in the SIM. Anyways, it’s a nice option to have.
    • Some of the toggles have a gear icon next to them meaning they can further be configured. For instance, you can select how long should the app wait after the SIM is removed, blocked, or replaced to wipe the data.

    That’s it! Now you know how to Remotely Delete Android Phone Data without Internet Connection.


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