There’s A New Streetfighter Android Game: Streetfighter “Duel”


There’s A New Streetfighter Android Game!

The Streetfighter franchise has come up with another exciting mobile game, which is the Street Fighter: Duel. The most thrilling part about the game is that it is not a mere fighting game like the usual games launched by the Street Fighter franchise. Rather, Street Fighter: Duel is an RPG, hence you can enjoy the gameplay even if you do not excel much at button pressing. Let’s dive deeper into what the game actually entails!

Which is the New Street Fighter Android Game?

Street Fighter: Duel is the newest mobile addition to the Streetfighter Android game franchise and this game has come up with a unique take on the genre. Similar to it’s console sister – Streetifigher 6, Street Fighter: Duel is an RPG. This means you can enjoy playing the game while taking more time to strategize about how you will play.

Unlike many other fighting games in the genre, Streetfighter: Duel manages to squeeze in an entertaining plot and story line. As per the description, the players will have to travel the globe recruiting friends to take down Shadaloo’s army of mech clones. 

Street Fighter: Duel has over 40 different iconic characters that are to be recruited by a player as the game begins. Of the 40 characters, some include Blanka, Ken, Cammy, Dan, Ryu, etc. Above all, Street Fighter: Duel can be enjoyed by a player for free and you can earn rewards if you excel at the gameplay. 

How to Download Street Fighter: Duel APK

Undoubtedly the new Street Fighter game is all excitement and fun and downloading the APK version of the game would mean more features and unlimited rewards. In order to download Street Fighter: Duel APK, you need to follow the steps given below. 


  • Click on the desired link.
  • Once done, you need to grant permission to download from a third-party source.
  • The permission needs to be given from the internal settings of your Android device.
  • Having given the permission, the download shall begin and the game will be installed on your device in a few minutes. 
  • Lastly, you can play the game conveniently. 

Street Fighter: Duel Features

The newly launched Street Fighter game has a range of versatile features that should make the RPG more entertaining. Below are some features we want to highlight.

Build Your Team

The game allows a player to collect different Street Fighter characters and collectively build a team. The team you choose enters the battle. As a player, you can also expand your team once you become good at the game and you earn various rewards.

Perfect Blend of Fighting and RPG

If you are in search of an ideal game wherein you get to fight as well as enter the world of game then there’s no game better than the Street Fighter: Duel for you. This game has a story to follow along with different tactics to use to coordinate with other teammates and give a knockout blow. 

Various Game Modes

Street Fighter: Duel unfolds for the players in different modes. For instance, in the story mode, you can indulge in massive fights and take down Shadaloo’s army. Likewise, you can engage yourself in tactical battles fight alongside your guild and earn amazing rewards thereafter. 

Daily Challenges

Above all the new Street Fighter game paves the way for a player to explore new and exciting challenges every day and earn rewards. Not only this, a player even receives a bonus when he signs in for the first time as a new user. With more rewards, you can unlock more characters and have a breathtaking gameplay experience. 


Street Fighter: Duel is the new Street Fighter game for Android. Although the game is available on the Google Play Store, however, if you want to enjoy the game like no one else, you can always choose to download the APK version of the game from the link mentioned above. 


The game is based on a role play and a story that the players are supposed to follow throughout. All in all, the Street Fighter: Duel has 40 characters that are unlocked for the time being as you enhance yourself in the gameplay and reap high rewards. The characters are used to build a team and then the battle is fought thereafter. 



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