How to Use Google’s Reverse Image Search on Android Device


Unfortunately, Google’s Reverse Image Search is not available as a built-in feature in Android. It’s very disappointing not to have this feature in Android since the OS is created by none other than Google Itself. You can long press an image in Chrome to look for other examples or copies of the same photo but it’s not possible for images opened in other apps or the images you have downloaded to your phone.

However, a developer Qixingchen has developed an app named Image Search. This app enables you to Reverse Image Search from any app or any picture on your phone. Image Search will sit quietly in Android’s share menu along with other share buttons. Means whenever you want to do Reverse Image Search for a specific photo, just click on the share the button and then tap on Image Search icon. After the click, picture will be uploaded and you will be navigated to Google Image Search.

This application is available for free on Google Play Store. Let’s jump straight to the installation process and settings you need to made to get started.

How to Use Google’s Reverse Image Search on Your Android Device

  1. Download and Install Image Search.
  2. Open Image Search from your App drawer.
  3. Now disable Open settings before upload
  4. Further, you can add search engines other than Google. I am not sure if anyone would ever prefer any other search engine over Google, but still, the developer has given you this liberty.
  5. Now, just click on the share button on any app to perform Reverse Image search.

TIP: Not every app will allow Image Search to upload the picture for Reverse image search directly. In such case, long press the image and choose Save. Now go to your gallery, open the image, tap on share, and from here select Image Search.

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