7 Ways to Use Instagram for Effective Marketing


Instagram is a fabulous platform that allows users to connect with more than 1 billion active users worldwide. It is one of the most popular social media channels that enables you to share photos online with your connections.

It’s more than sharing pictures and tagging your friends as you can promote your business to your most important asset- your customers. Though it demands spending some time creating, managing, and maintaining your Instagram account, you can drive more sales by attracting more customers to your brand.

It brings along inevitable benefits that allow you to make the most out of the channel by strategizing your marketing effort effectively.

Give Your Posts a Unique Look

Instagram is a visual platform, so you can use it the way you want. Maintaining a consistent style of photography and using the same sort of filters will give a distinctive look to your images. This will make your posts recognizable to your connections.

You can even blend your images with the same colors, styles, fonts, etc., that you have used on your website will boost your brand’s visual identity. It will ensure that your brand maintains consistency throughout business communications and helps in building up customer trust and loyalty.

Make Use of GIF Images

Adding GIFs to Instagram stories is a new marketing trend. The presence of GIFs on social channels has changed dramatically as many brands have started using them in their online marketing campaigns. These animated images deliver a powerful emotional impact to the customers, so you should upload GIFs to your Instagram posts.

GIFs also allow your customers to take a quick look at your product by highlighting its features and benefits, making them worth noticing. Since the visual content appears more appealing, people tend to consume information in a better way than any other format. Moreover, GIFs add a human element to your brand.

Be Active & Consistent

Liking random posts is not going to work any good for your business, do a little research, and you will make likes work well for you. Take time to understand your competitor’s Instagram strategy and analyze what kind of comments they are getting and from whom.

Good research on your competitors and their audience will help you identify your target customers. Make sure to engage with these costumes and try to connect and communicate with them. This will give you access to the audience who is already interested in your product.

Communicate Your Business Clearly

Your profile should give a clear glimpse of your business and what you do to all the visitors. Choose a relevant profile image and make sure it conveys your business message quickly to the audience. Your website is important as it tells about your online presence to worldwide customers, so make sure you include the URL appropriately.

Author Bio is the way to inform the audience more about your experience in the industry and the areas you specialize in. However, draft it in such a way that it reflects your personality while using the perfect blend of keywords to enable customers to search you for the product and services you offer.

Use Hashtags Effectively

While swaying through the millions of posts on Instagram, hashtags help people reach the posts of their interest. Use at least 10+ hashtags to reach a wider audience, but make sure to pick all of them carefully so that your post won’t appear spammy. Analyze your competitor’s Instagram account to identify what hashtags they are using in their post.

Here, you need to use some logical thinking for building a strategy that suits your business. The hashtags you use in your post must be relevant to the specific product or services that you offer. They must be powerful enough to attract prospective buyers. Using hashtags in your post, you can get access to the instant audience.

Emphasize on Creating Video Content

Although stories in terms of content can keep your audience engaged, videos can appear more visual and attractive. Video content plays a vital role in making your social media strategy a success. You have to be creative while making video content for your audience and make sure it conveys what you have to offer to the customers.

Customers will be interested in buying your product only when they can identify the unique attributes that you are offering. Video content helps users understand how things work and how your product will benefit them.

Maintain a Consistent Publishing Frequency

If you want to raise your reach, maintain a consistent posting schedule and follow it strictly. It will also help you to build customer trust and loyalty. On social media channels, you are directly connected to your audience, and by posting regularly, you get to know your audience better.

Make sure to post organic content every time you interact with your customers on social media. Although there’s no restriction on the number of posts you can post on your LinkedIn channel, you must stick to a fixed schedule for maximum impact.


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