Download GxFonts Custom Font Manager for Galaxy Devices


The major aspect of Android is its ability to customize everything on the device and that’s the main selling point of Android devices over iOS and the Android community is quite active and with each passing day they are making something new for the Android devices. Being a Samusng Note 9 user, I know how it feels to have different type of fonts installed on your device. On Galaxy Note 9, you can choose between 5 different font styles for free and if you want to use some other fonts then you have to pay for it.

download gxfonts

However, a senior XDA member, sathistony has recently launched a new app for Galaxy devices and is called GxFonts and is now available on Google Play Store. As per the  developer the app is fully compatible with all the Galaxy devices including the Galaxy Note, Galaxy S, Galaxy J, Galaxy A and C series of devices running on Android 7.0 or higher. I have tried the app on my device and one thing that I love about this app is that there are no ads and UI is very simple

You can download the app from here.

[appbox googleplay project.vivid.gxfonts ]