How to Logout Facebook Messenger On Android and iPhone Devices


Facebook is an application which is installed on 99% of the devices be it Android or iOS. Facebook Messenger app is mandatory to install if you want to message your friends and family via Facebook. In the start, we had the ability to message our Facebook friends from within the Facebook app and messenger was optional. But then Facebook pulled out the option to message from the Facebook app and forced users to install Facebook Messenger on Android or iOS Devices if they want to message their Facebook Friends. Now, there seems to be no problem in having one more application installed on your device. The problem arises when you want to Logout Facebook Messenger On Android and iPhone Devices.

Logout Facebook Messenger On Android

Logging out from Facebook Messenger on Android or iOS Device is not that simple. If you go to the Messenger settings you will only find options like Switch Account, security etc, but no option to logout. From some, it’s not necessary to have logout option in messenger, if you don’t want to use the app simply uninstall it. However, for some this option is very important since they want to use a different Facebook Account on Messenger. The problem is that by default your Facebook and Messenger app gets logged in with the same account. And if you want to login to Messenger with a different account then must know how to logout Facebook Messenger on Android iPhone Devices.

Logging out of Facebook Messenger is not straightforward but at the same time, it’s not impossible. Therefore, if you were looking for a method to logout of Facebook Messenger on Android or iOS Device then you have landed at the right place.

How to Logout Facebook Messenger on Android Device

  1. Launch Settings App on your Android Device.
  2. In Settings, open Application Manager or
  3. Now in Application Manager/Applications, go to “All Applications or Running Applications”.
  4. In the list, find Messenger. Tap Messenger and Clear its Data. If you are running on Android 6.0.1or higher, then tap Storage > Clear Data.
  5. Clearing app data will remove the login credentials of Messenger thus it will require you to log in again when you will launch the app.
  6. Here’s the trick. Now you can use any account you want to log in your Messenger with.
  7. That’s it! This is all for Android Device.

How to Logout Facebook Messenger on iPhone

  1. Launch the Facebook Application on your iPhone.
  2. You will find Options Button on the Lower-Right in Facebook Application, Tap on it.
  3. Locate Account Settings in the list and tap on it. Then go on and find “Security” in Account Settings and Tap on it.
  4. Now in Security, tap “Where you’re logged in”.
  5. This menu shows the list of all the devices and platforms you are logged in through.
  6. Find Facebook Messenger Session in the list and Kill It.
  7. This action of yours will kill your Facebook Messanger session and when you will launch the app it will ask you to log in again.
  8. Now you know the drill. Login to the Messenger with any account, regardless of what you are using on main Facebook App.

This is how you can Logout Facebook Messenger On Android and iPhone Devices.



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