How to Download and Install Pokemon Go++ 0.57.3 Hacked APK for Android


Just recently arguments started making rounds on the internet that Pokemon Go has lost its ground and people have abandoned it. This argument is not entirely wrong as Pokemon Go slipped down on Google Play Store ranking. But Niantic is not giving up so easily, they have released an update yesterday which is a massive one and the developers are hopeful that it will bring back the interest of players. Read about the update here.The developers are also ever so active and keeping up with the developments of Niantic. Pokemon Go++ 0.57.3 hacked APK is just released and available for download via APK file.

Hacked Pokemon Go++ 0.57.3 allows you to catch rare Pokemons from your home. You don’t have to physically walk to hotspots or Pokestops in order to catch the Pokemons. GPS is also hacked, so the users are allowed to navigate the in-game map without leaving the house. Download Pokemon Go++ 0.57.3 Hacked APK also have new incense feature, support for Joystick and Buddy system along with many other good features.

This is a hacked APK and is not available on Google Play Store. Therefore, to enjoy the powerful features of Hacked APK you can download Pokemon Go++ 0.57.3 hacked APK from here.

How to Download and Install Pokemon Go++ 0.57.3 Hacked APK

Step 1: Make sure latest Pokémon Go 0.57.3 APK is installed on your device. Click here for How to download and install Pokémon GO 0.57.3 APK on Android Device.

Step 2: Download and install the Fly GPS app from Google Play Store.

Step 3: Once both apps are installed. Go to Settings >> About Device >> here locate build number. Continuously Tap on it 7 times to unlock developers mode.

Step 4: Go back to the settings page and open Developer Options. Then tap on Mock Location and select Fly GPS from the options list.

Step 5: Go to Settings >> Privacy and Safety >> Location >> Location method and make sure both High Accuracy and Location History features are enabled.

Step 6: Initiate the Fly GPS app and select your location.

Step 7: Finally, choose GPS Service Run and then select Joystick Location Mode.

There you go! The updated hack version of Pokemon Go++ is installed.


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