Download Magisk 19 Beta – Android Q Support Added


An XDA developer topjohnwu has just released Magisk 19 beta with tons of awesome features. The most exciting thing about Magisk v19 is the Android Q support. Now, you can root a device running on Android 10 with this latest build of Magisk. Though Android Q is still in very early stages and is only available for download for Google Pixel devices it’s a really important addition to the Magisk because one-day Android Q is going to be released and people would need a way to root it. You can download Magisk v19 from the link provided at the end of the post.

Apart from the Android Q support being added to Magisk 19 there are many features added to the latest version of Magisk. One such feature is Magisk binary is now capable of running in native 64 bit — on supported devices that is. Below is the complete technical change-log for Magisk 19.0.

Download Magisk 19

Magisk v19 Beta Complete Changelog

  • Remove usage of magisk.img
  • Add 64-bit magisk binary for native 64-bit support
  • Support A only system-as-root devices that released with Android 9.0
  • Support non EXT4 system and vendor partitions
  • Use Zygote ptracing for monitoring new processes
  • Targets are now per-application component
  • Support Android Q (no logical partition support yet!)
  • Support Android Q new split sepolicy setup
  • Move sbin overlay creation from main daemon post-fs-data to early-init
  • Service scripts now run in parallel
  • Directly inject magisk services to init.rc
  • Use lzma2 compressed ramdisk in extreme conditions
  • Clone attributes from the original file if exists
  • Use ACTION_REBOOT intent to workaround some OEM broadcast restrictions
  • Use skip_mount instead of auto_mount: from opt-in to opt-out

Download Magisk 19 Beta

There are many utilities available in the market to fulfill your ‘Android root’ needs. Magisk has stood tall among all these options because of its systemless approach, guaranteed support and wide user base.

Download Magisk 19 Beta

The Magisk 19 Beta comes as a zip file, therefore, you can flash it using TWRP or any other custom recovery utility.


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