How to Install Magisk Systemless Interface on Android Devices 2018


Google is making tougher for the users to root the device with every release of new Android OS. At the moment we are enjoying the latest version Android version known as Oreo. The latest iteration is much more secure than Android Nougat. Which means it’s very hard now to root the Android device. Till Android Lollipop, rooting the Android device was piece of cake, but from there on its been a living hell for developers who liked to make rooting software. Therefore, the smartphones running on Android Marshmallow or above couldn’t be rooted without modifying the system partition. Even the most famous root solution SuperSU by chainfire also modifies the system partition in order to gain root access.

Anyhow, among all these strict security measures, an application emerged in the market by the name of Magisk Systemless Interface  which made it possible to get a device rooted without modifying system partition. And in this Android Tutorial, we will tell you How to Install Magisk Systemless Interface on Android Devices.

As the name suggests, Magisk root any Android device systemless-ly. Simply put, it doesn’t modify the system partition, thus, the system doesn’t recognize the device as rooted. And most importantly, you can use the apps like Samsung pay, banking apps, or games like Pokemon GO which would otherwise not work on rooted device. But it’s the magic of Magisk Systemless Interface that not only it root the device but allows you to use apps which are generally not supposed to work on rooted devices.

Install Magisk Systemless Interface

Now without any further ado, lets jump straight to the guide on How to Install Magisk Systemless Interface on Android Devices.


  • Make sure that the USB Drivers for your Smartphone are installed on your PC.
  • Your device is charged up to 60%.
  • It’s good to backup all your date before you proceed. Since Android Tutorial is not going to take any responsibility in case of loss of your data.

How to Install Magisk Systemless Interface on Android Devices

  • Download Stable Magisk v15 and copy the zip file onto your device.
  • Now boot your phone into TWRP recovery mode. You will have to Google how to enter recovery mode [of your device].
  • Once you are in TWRP mode, tap Install > Install Zip > Locate and tap file > Swipe to confirm flash.
  • Now go back to the main menu of TWRP and tap Reboot > Reboot System.
  • Your phone now has Magisk Systemless Interface installed on it.
  • Now install the Magisk Manager on your phone from the Google Play Store.

That’s it! This is how to install Magisk Systemless Interface on Android Device.


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