Download PokeTrack 4.18.4 APK for Android


Pokemon GO was released back in July 2016 and it was an instant hit. It took the people by storm and soon was to be found on every other mobile device. However many users complained about it and didn’t like the idea of Augmented Reality Pokemon game. Anyways, it proved out to be a massive hit and people are still loving it. A couple of days ago Pokemon GO 0.57.4 APK was released with new features and performance updates. To make the game more interesting and convenient there are tons of third-party developers who work really hard to bring you the best they can.

In fact, these developers became so popular with their tweaks that Niantic started banning players for using third party mods and applications. Having said that, PokeTrack received a massive update today, PokeTrack 4.18.4 APK for Android is released today. PokeTrack is a real-time Pokemon Tracker which notifies you whenever there is a rare Pokemon in your nearby locality. PokeTrack app runs in the background and will not drain your smartphone’s battery. The app uses Google Maps to track the nearest rare Pokemon and notifies you in real-time as soon as one is found.

PokeTrack 4.18.4 APK for Android features multiple scanners for faster scanning and you can also set filters for which Pokemon you want to get notifications for. Please see below the complete feature list latest PokeTrack update.


  1. Use multiple scanners for faster scanning
  2. Filter for which Pokemon to get notifications
  3. Set the notification distance in meters
  4. Shows all nearby Pokemon on the map
  5. Share Pokemon locations with friends
  6. Navigation to a Pokemon using Google Maps
  7. Manually select a scan location
  8. Set custom notification sound
  9. Shows Pokemon IV% and Moves
  10. Shows PokeStops and Gyms
  11. Set Lures for free!
  12. Automatic Ditto finder

The PokeTrack is now available for download. Please follow the below steps to Download PokeTrack 4.18.4 APK for Android.

How to download PokeTrack 4.18.4 APK for Android

How to Download PokeTrack 4.18.4 APK for Android

  1. Download PokeTrack 4.18.4 APK for Android.
  2. Uninstall any previous of the application, if you have installed any.
  3. Now, install the new application on your Android device.
  4. Once the installation is complete, run the application.

Now, you can play Pokemon Go with latest PokeTrack 4.18.4. If you have any questions do let us know in the comments.


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