Download TWRP for Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy A3 & A5 (2016), Moto Z2 Force, and Xperia Tablet Z


A stock recovery which is shipped with Android is enough to perform basic tasks like applying an update via ADB or SD Card or perform a factory reset. Apart from a handful of other operations there isn’t much offered by Stock Recovery. If you are into modifications and installing Custom ROMs than stock recovery is no good for you. To perform such tasks you would need a custom recovery installed on your Android device. Team Win Recovery Project, also known as TWRP, is one of the most famous custom recoveries available on the internet. They have extended their list of official devices supported by TWRP. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy A3 & A5 (2016), Moto Z2 Force, and Xperia Tablet Z are the devices which now have official TWRP support.

Developers from all around the world port TWRP Custom Recovery to the devices which are not yet officially supported by TWRP in beta and alpha states. However, when a port reaches to a certain level of stability for a specific device, it’s then added to the official list of TWRP. Anyhow, for now, the before mentioned devices have received the official support of TWRP.

Download TWRP for Galaxy S4 Mini

Download TWRP for Moto Z2 Force

Download TWRP for Xperia Tablet Z

Download TWRP for Galaxy A3 (2016)

Download TWRP for Galaxy A5 (2016)