Two PUBG Games Army Attack and Exhilarating Battlefield for Android and iOS Launched in China


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds also called PUBG for short has been a pinnacle for quite sometime when it comes to mimicking PC style games for Android and iOS devices. Tencent had declared some time ago that they will be releasing more PUBG games for smartphones and recently the promise has been fulfilled as Tencent has announced two, extremely anticipated, PUBG games in China for now. One is PUBG: Exhilarating Battlefield designed after PC style visuals and gameplay. It has been developed by an entity of Tencent; Quantum Studios and Lightspeed.

The other PUBG game for smartphones is PUBG: Army Attack which has been devised and developed by Timi Studio by Tencent. It also has the PC mimicking graphics but the details are more sophisticated and naval battles that are not part of the PC games is an added bonus. Another hot news is the fact that both these PUBG games are being designed and developed in Unreal Engine 4. The added bonus is that these games would be available for both Android and iOS as mentioned above and thus making it more likely that a vast majority of avid game players would have the chance to enjoy these enthralling arcade style games.


The popularity of the said games can be determined by this latest tweet of the bona-fide games analyst Daniel Ahmad from Niko Partners, “Both games have instantly jumped to the top of the download charts on iOS. The games had 75 million pre-registrations. So that shows you how huge the demand was for PUBG on mobile.”


Despite all the fame and fandom for video games, China’s media had been really and rightfully hard on the developers of the role-playing game ‘Honour of Kings’ last year because of the horrendous violence depicted in the game. The underage players were the main concern of the public and no sane person would have even thought of siding with the games developing magnet. Therefore Tencent has, tactfully, devised a different and more humane approach while developing its PUBG games by cultivating “healthy, positive cultural and value guidance, especially for underage users”, as said by one of the spokesperson of the company.

Momentarily, PUBG new games would only be launched in China without any notion of an international release date. But it won’t take too long for the games to go viral around the globe and get everyone stuck in the whirlpool of firing, guns, battles, and wars. The popularity of PUBG wouldn’t sit domestically in a place we call the global village.

However, we have tutorials on how to play PUBG on Android and iOS in any country.




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