How to Enable App Drawer Button on Galaxy S8/S8+


Samsung Galaxy S8 launcher promises many new and amazing features to its users. You can install Galaxy Launcher on any other Samsung Galaxy Device as well. Out of many new things, Samsung also chose to change the way App Drawer works. Instead of the app button, they took a different approach for how you access the App Drawer on Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. To access the App Drawer in Galaxy S8/S8+ you have to swipe up/down on the screen. However, in this tutorial, we will tell you how to enable app drawer button on Galaxy S8.

Some people accepted this gesture trend, but some just want basic things like the same old way and want their app drawer button back on Galaxy S8. The good thing is that to bring back the app drawer button you don’t need to root or send some fancy ADB commands. Samsung has provided the users with the option to enable/disable app drawer button on Galaxy S8.

So, if you didn’t like the new feature and want your App Drawer button back then follow the steps below.

How to Enable App Drawer Button on Galaxy S8

  1. Turn on your Galaxy S8
  2. Long-press on empty space anywhere on the home-screen
  3. Now tap on “Home screen settings” in the bottom right corner of the screen
  4. Here tap on “Apps Button”
  5. Now select “Show Apps button” or “Hide Apps button”

That’s it! Now you have the good old Apps button showing at the bottom of the screen of Galaxy S8.



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