Download DQA 1.1.13-10 APK that fixes the DQA error completely


Samsung latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 and S8+ is a major success, but some owners have been facing some irritating errors like the DQA error. Recently, we published a detailed article that allows you to fix the ‘DQA error’ temporarily but it’s not working for all S8 and S8 users so today, Samsung finally released a small update which fixes this annoying error. The new update only weighs 943KB and is currently on the roll, if you still haven’t received the update then there is no need to wait any further as Samsung finally released a small APK file which fixes this issue.

How to Fix "DQA Keeps Stopping" Error

Samsung named this APK DQA 1.1.13-10 and it completely fixes the “DQA has stopped” error since day one update. If you own an S8/S8+ and are still waiting for the update then its time to download the APK.

Download DQA 1.1.13-10 APK file



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