How to Fix DQA Keeps Stopping Error on Galaxy S8/S8+


The day of reckoning is here as users on Verizon and T-Mobile have received their pre-ordered Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+. But following the day one updates by Verizon and T-Mobile, unfortunately, users have started to face a problem which quite frustrating for them. Many users have encountered an error “DQA Keeps stopping” error message when connected to Wi-Fi. As soon as Samsung, Verizon and T-Mobile realized that Google is flooded with question How to fix DQA Keeps Stopping Error they started interacting with their users on social media and tried to provide the fix for DQA Keeps Stopping error. But unfortunately, no definitive fix has been provided yet.

DQA is a short form for Data Quality Assessment and the popup “DQA Keeps Stopping” comes up when your Galaxy S8/S8+ is connected with Wi-Fi. A few days ago we brought you a possible fix for red tint issue with Galaxy S8 screen. In this post, you will see possible fixes to the DQA Keeps Stopping Error.

How to Fix DQA Keeps Stopping Error

How to Fix DQA Keeps Stopping Error on Galaxy S8/S8+

  • The most popular fix at this time is to turn off the Wi-Fi of Galaxy S8/S8+. Of course, this is not ideal and you wouldn’t want to do it.
  • Secondly, try to reboot your devices three to four times. Hopefully, this fix the DQA Keeps Stopping error.
  • Clear Cache partition of Galaxy S8 through recovery. To do so, turn off your device and turn it on by pressing and holding Power, Volume Up and Bixby button. On Android screen, when you see ‘No command’ hold power and press volume up to access recovery. Use Volume keys to navigate within recovery mode. Select ‘Wipe cache partition’ to clear cache partition. Then reboot the phone.
  • Disable High-performance mode.
  • Force Quit DQA App. To do so, go to Settings >> Apps >> and tap the overflow menu, now tap “Show system apps” and find DQA. Tap it and Force Stop.

Kindly let us know in the comments section which one of the fixes worked for you.

Update: Permanent Fix For DQA Keeps Stopping Error.