Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Red Tint Problem – A Possible Fix


Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ has started rolling out in South Korea. Yesterday, Samsung officially ended pre-orders of Galaxy S8/S8+ and already started shipping all pre-ordered phones in South Korea. Some carriers in North America are also set to deliver pre-ordered Galaxy S8/S8+ very soon. However, right after the delivery started in South Korea many people got furious because some Galaxy S8/S8+ units suffered from bizarre red tint on their devices.

According to multiples sources, some Galaxy S8 and S8+ units have red tint around the screen. This is totally random, means it’s not related to any specific S8/S8+ model or configuration. Kindly check the below image where brightness is set to maximum on three different Galaxy S8 Plus units, you can clearly see the red tint.

Keep in mind that Samsung used “Deep Red” OLED Displays for Galaxy S8 and S8+ in order to achieve more accurate colors. But this is still unclear that if this red discoloration is caused by “Deep Red” OLED Displays. Samsung is pressing that this is not a fault but just a matter of settings. The Korean Giant also stated that different users have different preferences regarding display warmth. An anonymous Samsung official stated that it’s possible that the company did not have the time to properly set the color balance due to the extremely high demand.

However, there is a possible fix for the problem of red tint on display of random Galaxy S8/S8+ units. You can dial *#15987# and set the color balance yourself. This is supposed to fix the red tint problem. If you are still suffering from the uneasy reddish tint than you might want to head to the Samsung Repair Centre and ask for the replacement.

Please let us know if you faced the same problem with your Galaxy S8/S8+. Moreover, if you have any more possible fixes for the problem — we are all ears.


  1. The centre of the display seems fine on mine, however the edges of the display including top and bottom have a strange pinkish hue


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