How To Fix Mi A1 Black Screen Issue – With Ambient Display ON


Xiaomi Mi A1 is one the best budget smartphone available in the market at the moment. The smartphone comes with all bell and whistles under the price tag of $235. The most prominent and feature of Mi A1 is the stock Android experience. This was launched with Android One, which means quick updates and Vanilla Android experience without any bloatware. However, apart from all the goods, it has to offer, many users are facing Mi A1 black screen issue. This screen blackout issue is related to Ambient Display feature of Xiaomi Mi A1. What Ambient Display feature does is that whenever you receive a notification the screen wakes up. The issue sometimes gets worse sometimes as your Fingerprint sensor might get stuck as well. Hopefully, Xiaomi will look into it and release the fix as soon as possible.

Mi A1 black screen issue

However, this feature is not performing as it should be, users are facing bizarre issues when the Ambient display is on. I myself have experienced it and it gave me a mini heart attack for a second, anyhow I gathered myself and did a little research on Mi A1 black screen issue. Fortunately, I found a small fix which worked for me, so I decided to write it down for the readers. Here’s a guide on how to fix Mi A1 black screen issue.

How To Fix Mi A1 Black Screen Issue – With Ambient Display ON

  1. Turn on your Mi A1 and launch the dial pad.
  2. Dial in *#*#6484#*#* to bring up the hardware diagnostic screen.
  3. Select ALS/PS (Ambient Light Sensor/Proximity Sensor) and recalibrate.
  4. That’s it! You shouldn’t face the black screen issue now.

However, if the above steps don’t fix Mi A1 black screen issue then simply turn off the Ambient Display from Settings. And wait for the fix to be released, as it is a software issue and will be fixed via an update.

Please let us know if this guide fixed the black screen issue.