How to Easily Get More Stars in Mario Kart Tour


In this Android tutorial, we are going to tell you how to get more stars in Mario Kart Tour. Mario Kart has a very well designed system for accumulation of points. So, if you figure out the points system, you can earn many more points and get five Stars on every run. The more stars you have the better are the chances of accessing tour gifts or open up the later cups for more courses to play. Having said that, first, you need to know how well you have to perform in a race in order to receive more grand stars.

Stars in Mario Kart Tour

How to Get More Stars in Mario Kart Tour

To get five stars on track you need to accumulate as many points as possible on a track. First of all, picking the preferred driver, kart, and glider for a course. The second thing you should be focusing on is to perform as many actions as possible during the race. Even though you can earn 3 item frenzy during the course of the race, but you shouldn’t be focusing on that since it’s not a controllable factor. You want to get more points Mario Kart Tour, try to perform below actions as frequently as possible in order to increase your points and eventually get more starts.

  1. Begin race with a rocket start by tapping the screen on the “2” countdown.
  2. Try to drift as long as possible at the curves while using mini turbo boosts.
  3. Perform a slipstream if you don’t have any items to collect on the track. This is a very good way to accumulate more points.
  4. Tap like mad during a frenzy if you have the course’s favored driver.
  5. Look out for extra off-road jump boosts accessed by using a mushroom to launch off the track.

You can perform multiple actions in quick succession in order to get more points. For example, fire your weapon right after a jump boost. Or, take an off-road jump boosts right after a drift at a curve. There could 1000s of combinations. All, you have to do is plan them during the race.

I hope you find this guide useful in your attempt to get more stars in Mario Kart Tour.


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