How To Fix Google Play Services Battery Draining Issue


Smartphones tend to consume more battery than the old Phones. Back in good old days, when phones were only used for calls and SMS, a Nokia phone could easily give you a week of a battery time. But it’s impossible to get such battery times nowadays. The reason is simple, big screens, complex software, GPS and Location Services, heavy games, all these features require an insane amount of power. Therefore, the battery life is getting shorter and shorter day by day. There could be even more battery burners, but today we are specifically going to address one battery burner which can eat up your battery pretty fast. In this Android Tutorial, we are going to tell you how to fix Google Play Services battery draining issue.

Batteries don’t deteriorate overnight, it’s not like today its working fine and tomorrow it requires 3 charges in a single day. If you witness a sudden drop in your battery life then it means there is some software which is causing the trouble. And most of the times it could be Google Play Services. Yes, you heard it right, Google Play Services could be the culprit which is eating up all of your battery.

However, to make sure whether it’s Google Play Services or not, go to Settings >> Battery >> Battery Usage.  Here you would see the list of the apps and hardware which are using the battery. Now the rule of thumb is, the top two spots should be for Screen and Android System. If you see Google Play Services in place of Screen and Android System then it means there is a serious problem which needs to be addressed. Now that we have identified that Google Play Services is causing the battery drain issue so let’s take a step further and tell you how to fix Google Play Services Battery Draining Issue.

Google Play Services Battery Draining Issue

How To Fix Google Play Services Battery Draining Issue

Latest Google Play Services

Make sure that you have the latest Google Play Services installed on your device. If it’s out-dated, make sure to update it to the latest one available on the internet.

More Than One Account

Another reason for Google Play Services Battery Draining Issue could be multiple accounts. Google Play Services is responsible for downloading things in the background. Those things could be your emails or the app’s ads, or notifications or checking your location to see if it needs to trigger a Google Now event. All these tasks are to performed for each account which is being used on your device. It means Google Play Services have to perform all these tasks for each one of your accounts. Try to minimize the number of the account to fix Google Play Services Battery Draining Issue.

Third-Party App

Okay! Its’ not necessary if GPS is top of the list in Battery Usage area then its’ the culprit. Another possibility is that some third-party might be misusing Google Play Services. To, confirm whether its GPS or third-party app which is causing the battery drainage simple boot your device into safe mode. If the battery problem goes away then its’ definitely a third-party app. Now all you have to do is to identify the app which is misusing the innocent play services.

Google Sync Errors

Majority of users overlook this simple trick. Too many Syncing errors can result in Google Play Services eating up your battery really fast. On the surface, it doesn’t seem like a problem but in actuality, Syncing errors cause the problem because it can’t connect to a particular server. Which keeps Google on trying and failing to synchronize your local data with Google’s servers. Syncing is not cheap, it consumes a lot of battery. To fix the issue, remove and re-add the accounts.

Tasks Killer Apps

It might sound funny but it’s possible that your tasks killer app, which you installed to enhance battery life, is actually killing your battery. Unwanted tasks or bloatware are killed to enhance battery life. It’s true washing out unwanted tasks and bloatware does enhance your battery life. However, the problem is when the app kills some tasks and they pop up again very next moment. This keeps the phone busy in cat and mouse game and you lose your battery life very quickly. This problem is very easy to fix, simply remove all the task killer apps from your phone and see if it improves your battery life.



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