How to Know if Someone Actually Read your WhatsApp message Even if They Have Turned Off Read Receipts


At some point in our lives we all wondered that if someone has actually read the messages we sent them on WhatsApp? This seems pretty simple affair with WhatsApp tick system. One tick means the message is sent, two ticks mean the message is successfully received and when the two ticks become blue it means the message is read by the recipient. Well, the question is what if someone has turned off “Read Receipts“? What will happen then? How would you know? Since the “Read Receipts” are off, you cannot know if the recipient has read the message or not.

Well, we have a simple yet effective trick here, which will let you know that if even your friend has turned off the Read Receipts has he viewed your messages or not.

Just follow below steps to know if your friend is reading your messages and deliberately ignoring you.

How to Know if Someone Actually Read Your WhatsApp message- Even if They Have Turned Off Read Receipts

Step 1: Open the chat of that specific friend.

Step 2: Record a voice message by pressing and holding up the MIC sign. When you are done recording and ready to send, just release the MIC sign and the Audio Message will be sent.

Step 3: That’s it! Now just wait and watch. As soon as your friend will play the audio message the ticks will turn blue. Boom! Gotcha! Turning off read receipts doesn’t affect the Audio messages. It means you were ignored and your other text messages were actually viewed.

It’s also worth mentioning here that Read Receipts can’t be disabled for Group Chats, so no need to experiment this trick in any group.

This trick will work on Apple iPhones, Android phones, Windows Phone, and other mobile devices.


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