Leaked Images, Specs, Price and Release Date of Google Pixel 2


Apparently, it looks like that Google Pixel 2 will be launched in October 2017. Google releases its device annually before they were used to release Nexus devices every year and now we are looking towards the release of Pixel device every year. Anyhow, reports suggest that the Pixel 2 will be released in October 2017 and it will remain a premium device. Means there won’t be any cheaper versions and Pixel will remain in the league of Flagships. Many speculated that Google will think of making mid-range Pixel devices since, despite having a very powerful hardware, Google Pixel failed to surpass its competitors Apple and Samsung. But it seems like Google is not going to give up on its Pixel line and once again will release Pixel 2 a premium and flagship device with a hefty price tag.

Rumors suggest that there will be a third Google Pixel Device: codename Taimen. As Google name its OS after sweet things like KitKat, Lollipop, Nougat, the same way they codename their device after sea creatures. Like last year’s Pixel phones were ‘sailfish’ and ‘marlin’. This year’s Pixel devices will most probably bear codename “muskie” and “walleye”. As we mentioned earlier in the paragraph there could be third Pixel device which is again codenamed after an aquatic animal. This could a tablet or phablet since Taimen is bigger in size than Muskie and Walleye and also it belongs to a different family. Anyhow, no one can be sure what Google has up his sleeves and let’s wait for the October 2017. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at specs of Google Pixel 2.

Specs of Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2 might feature a flexible OLED screen on Google Pixel 2 devices. This could be true because Google is investing $880 million in display technology of LG. Therefore, there is a lot of chance that LG will develop flexible OLED screens for Google Pixel 2 devices. Also, rumors are suggesting that Google Pixel 2 might not have the headphone jack. This step could be very hard for Google since they boasted about headphone jack in Google Pixel when Apple decided to say goodbye to the good old headphone jack. Stephen Hall, 9to5Google reporter, suggests that Google Pixel 2 devices will definitely be IP68 certified and thus will be waterproof.

Google Pixel 2 devices will come with the Snapdragon 835, the most powerful chip of Qualcomm as of this time. Google also confirmed that Mountain View company would place an emphasis on the camera, specifically improving low light photography. Therefore, it means we are going to see a very powerful camera in terms of features. On the software side, Google Pixel 2 must come with Android O out of the box.

Leaked Images of Google Pixel 2

Price of Google Pixel 2

Well, as we explained earlier, Google is not planning to launch Google Pixel 2 as a mid-range device. Pixel line is to be continued as a premium and flagship line of devices. Therefore, we can expect the price of Google Pixel 2 Devices in the neighborhood of $700 to $800. This might sound ridiculous to some but if we go by the rumors it’s not that much to ask.

Release date of Google Pixel 2

Google hasn’t confirmed the release date yet. But we can expect the release date of Google Pixel 2 in October 2017.

That’s all we know about Google Pixel 2 as of yet. If you have anything to add to the information, please drop it in the comment.