Remove Bloatware On OnePlus Devices


Before we start the guide, let’s first accept the fact that OxygenOS, Custom Android Skin used on OnePlus Devices, is one of the cleaner Custom Skins in the market.  OxygenOS pretty much gives the feel of Vanilla Android. That said, Oxygen OS is still a custom OEM skin. Therefore, it still has some bloatware on it. In this Android Tutorial, we are going to tell you How to Remove Bloatware on OnePlus Devices.

There are many ways through which you can remove bloatware on an Android Device. If you don’t want to root your device and want to manually remove the bloatware, it’s quite possible. But such procedures are lengthy and you have to go about removing each and every app yourself. If you do prefer a script which removes all the bloatware at once, you’ll need a rooted OnePlus device with a custom recovery.

Remove Bloatware

Tomatot Debloater is a script which debloat OnePlus Devices running OxygenOS 9.0. The developer has actually developer three scripts by the name of Invisible, Light, and Extreme. The first script is called Invisible and it will only remove the apps related to telemetry or that don’t have any function. The second script Light removes even more apps which developer thinks are not necessary. The third script is named Extreme as it removes the Invisible and Light Apps along with Google Apps and other features which are not unnecessary in the view of Developer. You can always reinstall Google Apps from Play Store though. Below are the links to all three scripts. And below the downloads section, you will find the guide how to remove bloatware on OnePlus Devices with Tomatot Debloater Script.


How to Remove Bloatware on OnePlus Devices with Tomatot Debloater Script

  1. Download and copy the Tomatot Debloater script file to your OnePlus Device.
  2. Now reboot your device in Recovery Mode. To do that, power it off completely and then press and hold the Volume down button and the Power button until the phone vibrates.
  3. Once you enter in TWRP Recovery, Tap on Install.
  4. Select the Tomatot Debloater Script file you copied to your OnePlus Device.
  5. Swipe at the bottom to flash it.
  6. Once the flash process is done, reboot your device.

When your device reboots, you should notice fewer apps on your OnePlus device.