T-Mobile is ready to launch its own TV service in 2018


Every major wireless carrier has its own premium video service like AT&T has DirectTv and Verizon has Go90 and now T-Mobile is also planning to launch its own premium TV service in 2018. T-Mobile CEO John Legere recently made this announcement in a video where he said that the carrier had finalized the acquisition of a TV tech company Layer3 TV and has started making content deals and will launch the premium TV service in 2018. John said, We’re going to build TV for people who love TV — TV you’ll be able to watch on every connected device you have wherever you are”.

T-Mobile premium TV service
One thing is for sure the company is planning to give a tough time to other giants in the market and will offer more affordable rates and better service. Here’s the complete video announcement by John Legere:



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