Top 10 Cryptocurrency Apps for Android


Cryptocurrency is a real thing in the real world, now. People are not only digging for them virtually but some places have actually started accepting cryptocurrency in exchange of services, goods, articles, and whatnot. In order to keep yourself updated with the latest cryptocurrencies prices and other information, you need to have best cryptocurrency app on your smartphone. Keeping in mind the recent trend, we have compiled an array of top 10 cryptocurrency apps for Android users. The best part is that almost all the top cryptocurrency apps are free of cost and easy to download and install. Let’s have a bird’s eye view on top 10 cryptocurrency apps for Android.

1) Bitcoin Checker:

cryptocurrency apps

The most popular cryptocurrency app is the Bitcoin checker with an uncomplicated user interface which in fact is a huge in the app’s favor itself. The amount of data and information on the app is phenomenal and the user can get any update about any cryptocurrency on this very app. People who have become prone to using cryptocurrency in their regular dealings highly prefer this handy app.

Download Bitcoin Checker

2) Bitcoin Price IQ:

The name of this app speaks for itself as it is a go-to app for cryptocurrency exchange rate. No matter in which region or country you are in, you shall be able to get the exchange rate and know the worth your Bitcoin currency against the others. Bitcoin Price IQ shows currencies from almost 160 countries and keeps you updated with the ups and downs appearing in the currencies by the minute.

Download Bitcoin Price IQ

3) Bitcoin Ticker Widget:

This widget is a blessing for those who want to check the cryptocurrency exchange rate without having to launch an app but only from the home screen. The widgets are designed cleverly so that they should adjust in almost every theme and the app facilitates many a currency without hassle. You are at liberty to set up more than one widget if you are following more than one currency which is a handful for the user.

Download Bitcoin Ticker Widget

4) Bitcoin Wallet:

As the app’s name suggests, Bitcoin Wallet, an app designed by Coinbase, is solely developed for the purpose of managing your account as you would do with you Paypal or a bank account or even with a physical wallet in your pocket. You can spend Bitcoins, purchase goods, and other activities without losing control of managing the finance. Another upside of this amazing app is in case of a lost or stolen phone you are still able to disable access to your phone remotely.

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5) Bitcoin Wallet by Blockchain Luxembourg:

Blockchain Luxembourg has designed this app for the noobs who have yet no or meek experience with cryptocurrency apps. Bitcoin Wallet lets you check your Bitcoin balance, keep yourself updated with the exchange rate of more than 20 currencies supported by the app. Not only this but the app comes with support for more than 5 languages which is a booster for the app’s reputation. The security is superb and thus this app keeps your mind at peace.

Download Bitcoin Wallet by Blockchain

6) Blockfolio:

Blockfolio is the app for the users who are particularly interested in cryptocurrency investments. The app deals in more than 790 currencies and it gives you detailed information about each and every currency. You can adjust settings of the app to make sure you get notified as soon as prices get to the specified threshold and you can celebrate the moment. Moreover, news section in the app helps you keep in touch with every novice interest emerging in the industry.

Download Blockfolio

7) Wallet:

This app entertains options like purchasing gift cards from specified merchants of more than 110+ brands which is a great news for all the females out there. Apart from that, you can also locate stores, shops, and banks. Wallet allows you to make fund transfers, buy goods, check your Bitcoin balance and all the regular activities related to this kind of an app. It is a highly praised app and must be given a chance by all the Bitcoin users.

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8) Cryptonator:

Cryptonator is a must-have app for knowing all your Bitcoins value that are in your possession. Not only that you can keep an eye on the currencies’ performance month wise as in if they performed well or bad. The app supports conversion of 550 various crypto coins and not only that but the app comes with a widget as well in case you wish to utilize it. This app is more of a one-stop-shop for the Bitcoin users.

Download Cryptonator

9) Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet:

If you are looking for a Bitcoin manager app which is the most secure and protected, then Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet is the app that you are in need of. This app is completely protected and no one can come near your Bitcoin Wallet because they keys are stationary unless you move them so they stay on the phone all the time. Moreover, you are able to create a PIN for security purpose and keep everyone out. It allows you to manage more than one accounts and apart from that you can also do trading of Bitcoins personally with others.

Download Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

10) zTrader:

zTrader is another cryptocurrency app with a fairly complex user interface. It’s because app provides information from more than 10 exchanges and also provides you in-depth analysis of how other currencies are performing in the market. zTrader features 5-bit AES encryption of API keys for better security. The app also has a built-in in chat system which allows you to chat with other users of zTrader. As mentioned earlier, the app is fairly complex but it’s worth downloading as it gives you a lot of information from which you can benefit.

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