Top 5 Android Browsers with Flash Support in 2020


Even though you don’t require a flash player in order to use your Android device. In fact, there are very rare instances where you need it. Like in case of playing a certain type of audio and video files. So, for those moments you should have the flash player installed on your Android device. Here’s a list of top 5 Android browsers with Flash support.

Android browsers with Flash support

You can also go to Google Play Store and simply install Adobe Flash Player for Android phones and tablets, but that could be a tiring process. Therefore, many users decide to simply install an Android browser with Flash. The next problem people face is to decide between the browsers which one to install and which one not. To help you choose, we have picked them for you. Below is the list of top 5 Android browsers with Flash Support.

Top 5 Android Browsers with Flash Support

  1. Dolphin Browser

[appbox googleplay mobi.mgeek.TunnyBrowser ]

If you love customizability then Dolphin Browser is your best bet. You can change the look of it as you like. This is something that is usually not offered in Android browsers. Apart from that, it comes with an in-built ad-blocker so you don’t need to look for other ad-blocking applications. It’s also a free browser so you don’t have to spend a dime to get all these amazing features.

The app is free but not ad-free. You are gonna see some advertisements within the browser. Lastly, it’s worth mentioning here that it needs a lot of hardware resources in order to work smoothly. Still, it would work fine on a mid-range set. But if you have a mid-range device with mediocre specs then we suggest you explore other options which are mentioned below.

  1. Kiwi Browser

[appbox googleplay com.kiwibrowser.browser]

It’s another amazing browser that comes with Flash support. Kiwi Browser uses Chromium so it’s highly customizable. You can customize your browser more because you have access to a variety of setting options.

Like Dolphin Browser, it comes with a built-in ad-blocking feature. Therefore, you can block unwanted blocks. Further, it also has a night-mode which is a big plus if you are into dark modes. It has blazing fast page load speeds. It also gives you Language options so you can easily translate web pages in your own vernacular.

  1. Puffin Browser

[appbox googleplay com.cloudmosa.puffin&hl=en ]

Again, it made the list because it has a built-in flash player. Many people prefer Puffin Browser over other available in the market due to its high-security features. So, if you are someone who takes privacy very seriously, Puffin Browser is the one you need.

Apart from high-security features, it also has a unique and very strong compression algorithm that saves a lot of data. So, if you are on a limited mobile-data plan this might the best Android flash browser for you. The most important thing that sets Puffin Browser apart from other Flash Browsers is the activity of its developers. It’s updated regularly by its developers.

  1. Lightning Browser

[appbox googleplay acr.browser.barebones&hl=en ]

As the name suggests, this browser has amazing page-load speeds that are very hard to ignore. Hence the name ‘Lightning’ Browser. And of course, it has a built-in flash player. Another reason that might convince you to go for this browser is its backward compatibility. You wouldn’t believe but Lighting Browser can be installed on the version as old as Android 2.2.

The lightning browser is free to download without any ads. That’s big plus here. Most of us wouldn’t want to get our experience compromised by those annoying ads. Further, it’s a little app with big features. Meaning, the application won’t take much of the space on your device to install.

  1. Opera Browser

[appbox googleplay com.opera.browser ]

Opera is one of the oldest browsers ever has existed. It comes with a built-in Android Flash Player and is great for private browsing. In terms of performance, it’s comparable to Google Chrome.

It blocks all the unwanted ads for you and has an incognito mode for your private browsing sessions. It produces amazing page load-speeds. Further, it comes with a built-in VPN so you could browse in peace without any tension of being watched by unwanted eye-balls. This is a feature that is usually not to be found in browsers.

This concludes our list. Do test all of the browsers and see which one suits you best.


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