How to Block Youtube Ads in Youtube Android App


There are hundreds of applications available on Android OS that lets you block any ads or commercials on your Android browser. The most popular Ad blocking application available is none other than Adblock Plus but unfortunately, after the recent Youtube update, Adblock Plus have no effect on Youtube and you have to watch all Pre-roll and midroll ads on your device but if you want to disable all Youtube ads then you need to purchase Youtube Red subscription.

There are some third party methods which let you disable Youtube ads. One method to do so is by installing the Xposed module but Xposed is not suitable for all Android devices as some devices have locked bootloader which means we can’t install TWRP or Xposed Framework in it while the other option is by installing the modified Youtube application which forcefully disables all ads.

So, If you love Youtube and want to disable all Youtube ads on Youtube application then follow the steps on how you can do it. But before moving further, we should remind our readers that this guide is only for rooted devices. If your device is not rooted, then it’s time to root your device first. If you are ready then let’s proceed.

block youtube ads

How to Disable Youtube Ads on Youtube application on Android Using Xposed:

Before proceeding any further, You should check your device first. It should be rooted and must have a file manager installed. We’ll recommend using Root Explorer for this purpose.

Disable Youtube ads on Youtube App using Xposed:

  • First of all, Download Xposed Installer and install it on your Android device.
  • Once installed, restart the device.
  • Now download ‘Youtube AdAway’ and install, Open Xposed Framework App, Go into Modules section and enable Youtube AdAway.
  • Open Youtube AdAway App and check on Hide Ads.

The second method is a bit complicated but for this, you don’t need Xposed framework installed. The Youtube Ad-Free version comes in different variants and for using it you need to confirm your device’s DPI and processor. You can check the DPI and processor Type of your device by installing DPI Checker application from the Play Store.

Now, it’s time to install the right APK for your device:

  • ARM64 Devices (Any DPI)
  • ARM Devices (240 DPI)
  • ARM Devices (320 DPI)
  • ARM Devices (480 DPI)
  • x86 Devices (480 DPI)

Now remove the old Youtube Application using Root Explorer.

Now open the File browser and go to /system/app folder on the root partition of your device. Now create a new folder and name it, “YouTube”. Once created, long press the folder and then choose “Permissions” from the menu. Now, set the “Owner” category to Read, Write and Execute, then set all other categories to just Read and Execute or just the permission value to 0755.

Now, copy the downloaded APK and place it into your ‘YouTube’ folder. Now simply reboot your device and the changes will take effect.

That’s it. Your Youtube app is now fully ad-free. If you have any questions or stuck at any point do let us know.


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