Call of Duty Mobile Errors And It’s Fixes


Today I am going to talk about some common errors which users facing while playing Call of Duty Mobile. The game just got launched on 1st October 2019 and gamers from all the around the world, who have been waiting for so long for the game to be released, are busy playing it day and night. However, these extensive gaming sessions are not without any interruptions. We have been receiving messages about the errors users are facing while playing COD Mobile. So, we decided to share solutions for those errors.

Call of Duty Mobile errors

There are mainly three Call of Duty Mobile errors which are making rounds on the internet — Unfortunately, Call of Duty Mobile has Stopped, Call of Duty Mobile Connection Terminated Error, and COD Mobile Facebook Login error. Now, we have already posted a solution for Unfortunately, COD Mobile has stopped. In this post, we are going to provide solutions for Call of Duty Mobile Connection Terminated Error and Call of Duty Mobile Facebook Login error.

How to Fix Call of Duty Mobile Connection Terminated Error

To be more specific, this Error exactly says: “Connection Terminated. Try Again Later. (121,100004)” and it usually Pops up when a user tries to login as a guest. Well, this error is likely to be caused due to the non-availability of the game in your region. To fix this issue, you can install a VPN and try to connect via Australia, US, UK, India, or any other country which has the game working in it. Here are some of the best VPNs available for Android phones.

How to Fix COD Mobile Facebook Login Error

The Errors Reads: “We Could not Log you In: You can’t log in to this App or Website because you do not meet the requirements for the country, age or other criteria” After this, A Pop up appears: “Authorization Error”. Well, the reason for this error is exactly the same as mentioned above. It occurs for the users who are residing in a country where COD Mobile is not available. To fix this issue, simply install the best Android VPN and connect through a country where the call of duty mobile is available.


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