Download and Install Galaxy Note 8 Zero Camera Mod


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has one of the best Cameras available in the market. Some sources claim that it has the best shooter till date. Anyhow, the beauty of Android devices is that there is always room for betterment. Despite having the best camera, Galaxy Note 8 has received Zero Camera Mod. The mod is developed by a senior XDA member, zeroprobe. From this AndroidTutorial, you can download Galaxy Note 8 Zero Camera Mod. We will also provide a complete guide on how to download Galaxy Note 8 Zero Camera Mod and install it on Galaxy Note 8.

Galaxy Note 8 Zero Camera Mod enhances the already powerful Note 8 Camera. Android enthusiasts always want to push their devices to limit. With this Zero Camera Mod for Galaxy Note 8 you can push the camera to its limits and get the maximum result out of it. Below are few features of the mod

  • QHD @ 60fps (2560×1440) – Exynos Only
  • HDR for 4K / QHD
  • AutoFocus Tracking all modes
  • No Recording Time Limits
  • Increased Bitrates
  • Increased JPG quality for single and burst shots.
  • Installs latest Samsung Camera revision
  • Video Effects for modes 4K
  • Remove No Flash limit at 15% battery
  • Remove 4GB video file size limit – App only
  • Adjust Photo Edge Sharpness & DeNoise settings – App only (Exynos only currently)
  • Custom Shutter Speed > 10 seconds – App only
  • Choose your own custom Gallery – App only
  • Custom bitrates for 1080p30, 720p, 1:1 – Due to library change – App only

The ‘App only’ label means that the feature will be available only if you get this mod by installing the app from Google Play Store.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump straight to the guide on How to Download and Install Galaxy Note 8 Zero Camera Mod.

Note: The flashable zip in this article is only meant to be used on Exynos version of the phone.



Galaxy Note 8 Zero Camera Mod

How to Download and Install Galaxy Note 8 Zero Camera Mod

We have tried to keep to very simple, for that reason we have put the guide step by step. You just need to follow every step carefully.

  1. Download Galaxy Note 8 Zero Camera Mod.
  2. Connect your device with the computer using USB cable.
  3. Copy/Paste zip on your SD Card. Make sure to place files on the root of SD Card and not in any folder.
  4. Then turn off your device and disconnect the USB Cable.
  5. Now get into recovery mode. Turn On the phone while pressing and holding Volume Up + Bixby + Power button together.
  6. In TWRP Main Menu tap on Install, Locate and select the zip from external storage > proceed with ROM installation.
  7. That’s it! Now simply navigate to Recovery Mode Main Screen and Reboot your device. First boot can take up to five minutes.

You have successfully installed Galaxy Note 8 Zero Camera Mod.