How to Enable Qualcomm Audio DAC (WCD9XX) On Snapdragon Powered Phone for Improved Audio Quality


We use our mobile phones to listen to our favorite music daily. But unfortunately the audio quality mobile devices produce are not up to the mark or is held back deliberately by OEMs. Same is the case with Android Devices powered by Qualcomm Processors. Every Android Device powered Qualcomm Processor has a built-in WCD9xx Audio DAC. Most OEMs has not configured it work to its full potential, which in result produces par audio quality. Normal users, who are not music lovers, won’t have any issue with it but for music lovers this something which needs to fixed.

A developer, androidexpert35, thinks the same and developed a Magisk module called Hi-Performance DAC Enabler. This module enables High-Performance Mode on your phone’s Qualcomm WCD9xx Audio DAC. By enabling high-performance mode not only you will feel the boost in volume but also the audio quality will improve very much.

You need a rooted Android Device along with Masgisk Manager installed on it. Moreover, this tutorial is only for Android Devices powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor. If you have any other Android Device then please check our tutorial on How to Increase Audio Quality on Any Android Device

How to Enable Qualcomm Audio DAC (WCD9XX) On Snapdragon-Powered Phone for Improved Audio Quality

  • First of all, install Magisk Manager from Google Play Store.
  • Then download Hi-Performance DAC Enabler Zip File.
  • Once the zip file is downloaded, move it to your mobile device storage.
  • Now head towards your App drawer and open Magisk. From here select the Modules tab from the side panel.
  • Then Tap on the floating action button “Flash Module Zip”.
  • From here, open Hi-Performance DAC Enabler Zip file.
  • Now, wait for the flash to process to complete. Once it’s done, you will see a pop-up box stating that the Installation was completed successfully. Tap on Reboot now.

Once your mobile is back up, play your favorite playlist and enjoy the superior audio quality.


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