How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8+ Won’t Turn On Issue


How would you feel if you have just received your brand new Galaxy S8+ and when you power it up, it refuses to turn on? There are reports that users are facing the problem of Galaxy S8+ not turning on after few days of activation. This is very frustrating for the buyer that his just bought Galaxy S8+ refuses to turn on. What good is a mobile if it refuses to turn on, but don’t worry we have few tricks up our sleeves which can fix your issue of Galaxy S8 Plus not turning on. Well, if you are facing the same Galaxy S8+ not turning on issue then your first instinct must be to return the device to Samsung and ask for the replacement. But before you do that, try our tricks for How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8+ Won’t Turn On Issue.

As it’s a brand new device, there are a lot of chances that you will be able to fix this issue with some basic steps. And if these basic steps don’t solve your Galaxy S8 won’t turn on issue then it means there is some serious issue either with your hardware or firmware. In such case, we advise you to immediately contact the official tech and put your case with them. But before you decide to go to tech let’s see if we could help you fix Samsung Galaxy S8+ Won’t Turn on Issue.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8+ Won’t Turn On Issue

Fix Samsung Galaxy S8+ Won't Turn On Issue

Solution#1 to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8+ Won’t Turn on Issue:

This might sound stupid, but this can happen. Make absolutely sure that you are hitting the power button correctly to turn on the Galaxy S8+. Try to hit the power button several times to make sure that it’s not you hitting the power button correctly. If the device refuses to turn on then move to the solution#2.

Solution#2 to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8+ Won’t Turn on Issue:

For mobiles with the removable battery, we can simply pull out the battery and then install it again in the mobile. But since Galaxy S8+ features non-removable battery we have to perform the Forced Reboot which is also known as Soft reset procedure. To perform the Forced Reboot Press and hold the Volume down and Power keys together for 7 seconds. If this doesn’t fire up your Galaxy S8+ then move to the next step.

Solution#3 to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8+ Won’t Turn on Issue:

Try to connect your Galaxy S8+ with a wall-mounted charger. It’s possible that all the battery was drained and now there is no power left to power up all the components of Galaxy S8+. When you connect the phone to the charger a battery sign must show on the screen, if the sign starts appearing it means your charging ports and your charger is fine. Now again try to perform Forced Reboot while mobile is charging.  If it turns on your Galaxy S8+ its good, otherwise move to the next solution.

Solution#4 to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8+ Won’t turn on Issue:

Boot your Galaxy S8+ in Safe Mode, in Safe mode, only basic apps and services are activated which are essential and any third party app is disabled. If your Galaxy S8+ boot into safe mode successfully then it means there must a third party app which is causing the problem. Now you can go through all the apps and uninstall the suspected one. Below is How to boot Galaxy S8+ in Safe Mode.

  1. Press and hold the power key until Samsung appears on the screen.
  2. As soon as Samsung appears, let go the power key and press and hold the Volume Down key until the device finishes restarting.
  3. “Safe Mode” will appear at the bottom left of the screen.

If the Galaxy S8+ fail to boot in Safe Mode then try the next solution.

Solution#5 to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8+ Won’t Turn on Issue:

Now it’s time to try and boot Galaxy S8+ in recovery mode. Check our guide on How to Boot Galaxy S8/S8+ in Recovery Mode. Once in recovery mode, clear the cache partition. Galaxy S8+ will reboot automatically once cache partition is cleared.

Even if any of the above solutions for Galaxy S8+ won’t turn on issue worked for you, keep an eye on your device. If repeats the same behavior then it’s better to get the device checked with tech support at Samsung.