How to Check Whether Facebook Shared Your Data With Cambridge Analytica


In the wake of the recent data breach of Facebook users, the company has started rolling out a service through which you can check whether Facebook Shared Your Data With Cambridge Analytica or not? By this statement, we don’t mean that Facebook did it deliberately, but still, it was the duty of the social network giant to ensure the security of data. Anyhow, upon logging into Facebook account People with data breach will receive a notification “Protecting your Information”. This alert is being rolled out in batches, therefore, it will take some time before it reaches you. But, fortunately, you don’t have to refresh your newsfeed day in day out to trigger the alert. Here’s how you can check if your account was compromised in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

How to Check Whether Facebook Shared Your Data With Cambridge Analytica

  1. Visit this Facebook Support Page and login to your Facebook Account.
  2. Look for the Was My Information Shared? Here lies the answer.
  3. If your data was shared with Cambridge Analytica, Facebook will let you know and will give you suggestions to tighten the security.
  4. If you are the lucky one and your data is safe, then you will see the message as shown in the image below.

data breach of Facebook

Also, note that it’s not necessary that you were the stupid one to trust a third party app called “This Is Your Digital Life”.  Your data could have been compromised due to the fact that someone from friends list used the app. In this case, nobody can do anything. All we can do is to educate people about these cheap phishing apps.

Mark Zuckerberg’s personal data was included in Cambridge Analytica breach. – The Guardian