How to enable HDR10 for all videos on Galaxy S9 and S9+


Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ is one of the most powerful Android device available in the market. Both the devices comes with an extremely powerful hardware and has a long list of unique features but still there are some limitations too like there’s no option to watch all videos in HDR10. We are already aware of the fact that there is not much video content available that’s in HDR but still with a simple technique you can easily watch all videos in HDR10.

How to enable HDR10 for all videos on Galaxy S9 and S9+
Right now, there is very limited HDR content available but there is a feature in Galaxy S9 and S9+ which goes by the name of the Video Enhancer. Well, video enhancer allows you to set the brightness and contrast of the videos and if you enable video enhancer for all videos it will give you a completely new video watching experience with better brightness and contrast. In order to enable Video Enhancer for all videos, you need to go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Video Enhancer. Once you enable it, you will see more crispier videos then before.

That’s it. That’s the simple guide to enable HDR10 for all videos. If you have any questions do let us know in the comments.


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