How To Get Google Pixel 4 for Free via T-Mobile


Google has just announced its new Pixel phones and US carriers have already started to bring some really impressive offers. The most intriguing one is by T-Mobile — the mega US carrier with 79M subscribers. T-Mobile has launched a campaign by the name “On us”. The campaign starts tonight when pre-orders commence. By participating in this campaign, you will be able to get the latest Google Pixel 4 for Free. So, if you were looking for a free Google Pixel 4 — this is your chance.

Pixel 4 for free

T-Mobile is giving a chance to existing Pixel owners to get Pixel 4 for Free. This not a scam, you can actually get the phone for free if you are eligible for it. To make this happen, all you have to is to switch carriers and trade in an eligible Pixel phone. By eligible Pixel phone, they mean Google Pixel 2/Pixel 2XL/Pixel 3/Pixel 3XL in a good working condition. T-Mobile will reimburse the money via 24 monthly bill credits to qualifying customers.

The users of original Pixel and Pixel XL are not eligible for this campaign. But, for original Pixel users, T-Mobile has another amazing offer called “up to $500 off”. That means if you trade in an eligible original Pixel Phone, you would be able to acquire Pixel 4 for just $299 and Pixel 4XL for $399. Not a bad offer, in my opinion.

So, if you want to get the latest Google Pixel 4 for free then take advantage of this offer as soon as the pre-orders commences at T-Mobile.


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