How to Install Google Pixel 2 Camera App on Redmi 5A


We are nearly halfway through 2018 and have already got an idea of where the mobile industry is going. Infinity Displays, Notches, the absence of 3.5mm audio jack, etc. are the things which are part of every other device which is being released. There is one more thing which is picking up pace now and that is the number of camera sensors being installed in a single module. The general idea that is being shoved down our throats is that number of camera sensors means better image quality. But Google begs to differ with this notion. The Google Pixel and Pixel 2 are still considered to have one of the best cameras on smartphones and both the device comes with single camera setup. The exceptional image quality they manage produce is because of the brilliant camera app built by Google.

This is the reason developer community is always busy in porting Google Pixel 2 Camera App for other Android devices. In the journey of porting, an XDA developer by name of androwide has achieved something remarkable. He has managed to port Google Pixel 2 Camera App for Redmi 5A and it’s going to make many people happy. This is not the first port by the way, Google Pixel 2 Camera app has already been ported to Samsung phones and Essential Phone. Anyhow, in this Android Tutorial, we are going to tell you How to Install Google Pixel 2 Camera App on Redmi 5A.

Google Pixel 2 Camera App on Redmi 5A

Note: If video recording is your thing than stop here, as video recording is not going to work after you install Google Pixel 2 Camera App on Redmi 5A. Another trade off would be your stock camera app, to make the Google Camera work on the Redmi 5A, Camera2 API needs to be enabled. When that is enabled though, the stock MIUI camera stops functioning.



How to Install Google Pixel 2 Camera App on Redmi 5A

  • Open the file explorer and navigate to /system/ folder and scroll down. Keep on scrolling until you find build.prop file, this is the one which we need to edit.
  • Open build.prop file in BuildProp Editor, or any other text editor of your choice.
  • In the build.prop file, simply add the following line at the end of the file, save and exit the file and then reboot your device.
    • camera.HAL3.enabled=1
  • Now download GCMod Camera APK and install it like you would install any other APK on your Redmi 5A.
  • Once installed, go to GCMod camera settings.
  • Here, set the Config Camera HDR+, and Model to Nexus 5X. Scroll down then and Enable HDR+ Control under Advanced settings.
  • That’s it! Reboot your Redmi 5A and enjoy Google Camera app features on your device.


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