How to Unblock Google Apps On Uncertified Android Device


Recently Google axed uncertified devices and barred them from accessing and installing any of the Google Proprietary apps (GApps). It means the devices like Amazon Fire or Chinese devices, which are exclusively for Chinese region, won’t be able to access Google Apps anymore. In this Android tutorial, we will tell you How to Fix Device Is Not Certified by Google Error. Users from all around the world will see this error when they will try to install any of the Google Apps on an uncertified device. So basically, in this Android Tutorial, we are going to tell you how to unblock Google apps on your uncertified Android device.

Before we go towards the actual guide on how to fix device is not certified by Google error, first, let’s see in the hell uncertified device is? As we all know Android is an open-source project and any company in the world can pick Android to customize it and use it on their devices. Having said that, Google created Compatibility Definition Document which is a list of requirements which every manufacturer must follow in order to pass Compatibility Test Suite. Google made it mandatory for manufacturers to pass CTS if they want to ship their devices with pre-installed Google Apps. However, some of the manufacturers this requirement and paved path to side-load GApps for their users. But the party is over, Google is now seriously hunting down those manufacturers who fail to pass CTS.

unblock Google apps

However, if you have one of the uncertified devices then don’t worry as in this Android tutorial we are going to tell you how to fix device is not certified by Google error. In the end, you will be able to unblock Google Apps on your uncertified Android phone. But first of all, you need to determine whether you own an uncertified device or not?

How to check if your device is uncertified

  • Open Google Play Store on your phone.
  • Open the sidebar menu by pulling in from the left
  • Tap
  • Scroll down and look for the About Your device’s certification status should be shown under “Device Certification”.

How to Fix Device Is Not Certified by Google Error

This step is taken to bar manufacturers from shipping uncertified devices. Google means no ill to the normal users, therefore, they’ve opened up a webpage where you can apply for an exemption. The users with Custom ROMs installed on their devices can get their device certified with Google Play by following simple steps. On the Device Registration, you will see “Android ID” written in the text box, in that field you need to put Google Play Service Framework ID (GSF) to register your device with Google. Now, without any further ado let’s see how to unblock Google apps on your uncertified Android device.

  1. Download Device ID APK and install it on your Android device.
  2. Open the app and copy the code in the second line called “Google Service Framework (GSF).”
  3. Go to the Registration page.
  4. Enter your GSF ID in the Android ID box and click on Register.
  5. If your GSF ID is correct then you will see your registered ID on the page.

unblock Google apps

That’s about it! This is how you unblock Google Apps on an uncertified device.