List of 10 Android Blogs to follow in 2018


September 23, 2008, the date when the world first time met Android. A new concept back then. Android Operating System was launched as an Open Source project. And it was a hit right of the bat. All the major mobile manufacturers adapted the OS within no time. And those who didn’t were left way behind, we Nokia as an example. Once the biggest name in mobile phones was left in ashes only because they didn’t adopt the change. Anyhow, today 88% of the smartphones are running on Android OS. Below is the list of Android versions released so far.


  • Android 1.5


  • Android 1.6


  • Android 2.0
  • Android 2.1


  • Android 2.2


  • Android 2.3


  • Android 3.0
  • Android 3.1
  • Android 3.2

Ice Cream Sandwich:

  • Android 4.0

Jelly Bean:

  • Android 4.1
  • Android 4.2
  • Android 4.3


  • Android 4.4


  • Android 5.0
  • Android 5.1


  • Android 6.0


  • Android 7.0
  • Android 7.1
  • Android 7.1.1
  • Android 7.1.2


Since Android is an open-source project there are many opportunities available for modifications. You can root your Android device and flash custom ROMs, modified packages, make alterations in the core of Android system etc. However, to achieve all this you need comprehensive tutorials. Today we will bring you the list of 10 Android Blogs to Follow in 2018. These are one of the best Android blogs to Follow in 2018 in terms of reviews, custom ROM tutorials, modifications tutorials, tweaking tutorials etc.

List of 10 Android Blogs to Follow in 2018

Android Authority

Android Blogs to follow in 2018

Android Authority is one of the biggest Android blogs on the market. This blog is accessed by nearly 50 million users every month. They have a very diverse team of writers who make sure that they deliver top-notch content to its users.

Android Pit

Android Pit was established the very next year Android was launched. Since then they have been providing very useful reviews, mobile comparisons, how to guides and whatnot related to Android. They have an amazing team of nearly 20 editors.

Android Police

Android Police does what its name suggests. They do Android Policing, day in day out. They are a team of Android enthusiast who works really hard to bring the latest news, tips and tricks, how-tos, custom ROM tutorials and anything related to Android to you.

Android Gadget Hacks

Android Gadget Hacks is all about going one step further. This blog brings you awesome tips and tricks about your Android phone. With the help of this blog, you can unlock the true potential of your Android.

Team Android

You will find very few sites better than Team Android when it comes to flashing Custom ROMs and Custom Packages on Android. Team Android has a small dedicated team which works to make your life easy. You can find hundreds of articles on this platform regarding Installing Custom ROMs, Unlocking Bootloaders, installing custom recoveries etc.


Techbeasts aim to cover and bring you the latest news and trends in Technology. To keep your interest alive for the gadgets, Techbeasts provide you all the best methods to update(this includes updating Android Roms, Custom Roms, modifying the phone, play and make changes to your gadgets is one of our priorities.


SamMobile is a blog dedicated to Samsung users. It brings every update about any Samsung device to your screen. It’s a popular source of exclusive news, inside info and other important scoops about all Samsung Devices.

XDA Developers

XDA developers is without any doubt the most precious Android resource available on the internet. Most of the technical Android articles are generated at this forum. The development community of Android would have been very different without XDA.

The Leaker

The Leaker is not a very old blog, but it’s catching up pretty fast. You can find all the rumors and speculations about the upcoming Android phones on this platform. Moreover, they also have a section dedicated to technical posts about Android.

Android Geeks

Android Geeks is another website which provides very useful information about our Android devices. Whether you want to know how to enter recovery mode of a specific device or you are looking to flash custom ROM on your Android phone. This blog has it all covered, you should seek guidance from Android Geeks without any doubt.

So, this is the List of 10 Android Blogs to follow in 2018.