New Features of Android 10: Android Pie vs Android 10


Google officially releases Android 10 today. After so many beta releases today is the day when the Android 10 becomes official and is already available to download and install on Pixel devices. The sweet run for Android has come to an end, as Google decided to go with the number 10 instead of some sweet dish name which starts with Q. I think it’s a good move, the name Android 10 has a very good feel to it. So, Android Q is officially replaced by Android 10 and below you will learn about the new features of  Android 10 by Google.

New Features of Android 10

Android 9 Pie was released in August 2018 while Android 10 is released in September 2019. Google took some extra time to finalize the latest version. Here’s a fun fact — According to Google, only 10.4% of all the active Android devices are running on Android 9 Pie and we are witnessing the official release of Android 10. Anyhow, the new version is a new version and we are going to learn about it. Ahead you will find out the new features of Android 10.

New Features of Android 10

Support for 5G phones and foldable displays

As we are entering into the era of 5G connectivity, Android 10 ensures that if fully supports the latest 5G spectrum. Also, they have made the latest version fully supported by foldable display smartphones as they are the future of this industry. Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X haven’t made to the market yet though but Google has made their Android 10 to support these devices as soon as they are released.

Night Mode

Google has aggressively been working on bringing a dark mode to its apps. It’s because the dark theme is now available natively in the settings of the new operating system. You can change from the white background interface to the black one with a simple switch in the settings. This option will become very handy in conserving the battery life of your device on AMOLED and OLED screen panels.

New Gestures in Android 10

Google first introduced the gesture-based interface in Android 9.0 Pie, they further improved it by introducing new gestures commands. These new gesture commands have allowed Google to get rid of the back button, leaving room for a more intuitive swipe.

New Features of Android 10

Live Caption

Using Lip recognition technology, Android 10 live-captions any video which is being played without an internet connection. This is a rare feature. We are eagerly waiting to check the feature when Android 10 launches.

Sharing Shortcuts on Android 10

These are faster shortcuts that allow you to instantly share links from any application. With Sharing shortcuts, Google has decided to optimize the sharing of specific content.

Smart Reply

On Android 10. Google has improved smart responses for use in notifications to respond quickly to messages.

Here’s a detailed list of new features of Android 10. Don’t forget to check it.

Android 10 is already available for download

As we write, the Android 10 is being distributed via OTA on Google Pixel devices. We will soon share a guide on How to install Android 10 on Google Pixel Devices. As for other devices, check out the list of devices to receive Android 10.

Download system factory image for Pixel 3a XL (bonito): Download Android 10

Download system factory image for Pixel 3a (sargo): Download Android 10

Download system factory image for Pixel 3 XL (crosshatch): Download Android 10

Download system factory image for Pixel 3 (blueline): Download Android 10

Download system factory image for Pixel 2 XL (taimen): Download Android 10

Download system factory image for Pixel 2 (walleye): Download Android 10

Download system factory image for Pixel XL (marlin): Download Android 10

Download system factory image for Pixel (sailfish): Download Android 10