How To Optimize Rules of Survival Graphics on Mobile


Today we will tell you How to optimize Rules of Survival graphics on mobile device. Rules of Survival is the latest sensation in internet gaming. The game comes under Battle Royale genre where you are air-dropped on a remote deserted island along with 120 other players. All the players which land on the island are empty-handed. So, the first thing you should do after landing on the island is to equip yourself with weapons and supplies. Which are required to survive against other players. Because the island will turn into hell soon as only the last one leaving the island alive will be considered a winner.

Rules of Survival has stunning graphics and the game performs butter smooth on flagships. However, it tends to lag a bit on budget smartphones. That’s why today we have decided to tell you how you can optimize Rules of Survival graphics on a budget or low-end smartphones.

Though the game doesn’t have too many graphics settings to play with. Still, there are a couple of available with which you can tinker to achieve the optimal Rules of Survival Graphics settings for your device. Therefore, if you are having performance issues with Rules of Survival then proceed further. We might have a solution for your performance issues.

How to Optimize Rules Of Survival Graphics on Mobile

There are four options available in Graphics settings of Rules of Survival; Ultra, Excellent, Balance, and Power Saving.

optimize Rules of Survival graphics

Ultra Settings

Well, if you are playing Rules of Survival on Galaxy S8 or Google Pixel 2 or any such device then Ultra settings is for you. With Ultra settings you will get the max draw distance and perfect pixels without losing any FPS (Frames per second).

Excellent Settings

With graphics settings of Rules of Survival set at Excellent, you will get a little less draw distance as compared to what is offered in Ultra settings.

Power Saving

This option for the low-end or budget smartphones. Here you will get lesser draw distance and some graphical issues like texture popping might arise. But overall, you will get excellent FPS — users have managed to get 30-45, even 60 fps with Power Saving settings.

So, now you know How to optimize Rules of Survival graphics on mobile.