Rules of Survival Cheats, Tips and Strategies


Survival and Battle Royale games are trending nowadays. Every other day we see a new game pop up which is based on Battle Royale style. However, some of them stand out and become an instant hit. For instance Playerunknown Battlegrounds PUBG or Rules of Survival. Today we will talk about Rules of Survival and will give you some very good tips and strategies which will keep you alive until the last. Rules of Survival is all about staying alive until everyone dies. The last man standing wins, simple as that. But to fight against 120 armed men on a deserted island is not an easy task, therefore, we decided to bring some Rules of Survival Tips, Cheats and Strategies to you.

Therefore without any further ado lets dig in Rules of Survival Tips.

Rules of Survival Tips

Rules of Survival Tips

  • Never hurry into the game. First of all, take your time and go to the settings of the game. And give ample to set Game Controls Adjust the sensitivity of the controls. You can turn on ‘double tap to turn around’. And there are quite a few control methods available to you. So, don’t be shy and try them all so you could pick one which is most comfortable for you.

  • Each session of the game starts with you being air-dropped in the deserted island. As you are falling towards the ground, take a good look at your surroundings and try to land somewhere busy. Try to land in a cluttered place with a lot of building or search for an abandoned army base, where you could find a lot of weapons and equipment.

Rules of Survival Tips

  • Choose your weapons wisely. A handgun might seem a good weapon, but you should immediately prefer Assault Rifle as it would be more practical in a situation where you are under attack by other players.
  • Among many Rules of Survival Tips, the most important when it comes to searching is to always close the doors behind you. This way no one can attack you from behind while you are busy searching the building. Stealth is a key part of Rules of Survival Strategy.

Rules of Survival Strategies

  • Don’t try to run in the open fields as you can draw the undue attention of other players towards you. Move like a ninja, duck, lie down or crawl your way towards a safe spot.

Rules of Survival Tips

  • Whenever you enter a building in the hunt for weapons and equipment, don’t be hasty. Settle down a bit, scan the building or room for any potential threats and don’t forget to close the door behind you. Once you have secured the parameters then start your search.
  • Try to survive the initial rush of a game session. Because most of the causalities take place at the start, once that period is over then you have a better chance at surviving.

These were some Rules of Survival Tips, Cheats, and Strategies which would be helpful for you while playing the game.

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