Rumored Date For Next Google Phone – News | Expectations In 2023


Rumored Date For Next Google Phone 

During the Google IO 2023, the official date for the release of the Google Pixel 7A was announced to be May 10, 2023. According to the sources, the shipping for Google Pixel 7A and Pixel Fold might begin in June 2023. 

However, people are now eagerly waiting for the Next Google phone, that is, Google Pixel 8. In this article, we are going to talk about the rumored date for the next Google Phone and its features and price. Keep scrolling to know more.

Rumored Date For Next Google Phone 

Although there has yet not been any confirmation on the official release date of the next Google Phone, the Pixel 8, apparently, every Pixel flagship seems to always be released during the month of October. If Google continues the pattern, we should expect the next Google flagship Phone to be released in October 2023

Another convincing detail is that the product roadmap, put forward by the good folks over at, shows that Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will be brought into the market in later 2023.

Earlier, the Google Pixel 8 was rumored to be launched during the Google IO 2023 event. Instead, the Pixel 7A was introduced. It is expected to be available to the users by June 2023.

What Is The Expected Cost Of Google Pixel 8 And Google Pixel 8 Pro?

Google Pixel 8 And Google Pixel 8 Pro

Google has given no confirmation regarding the price of the upcoming Google Phone Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

However, considering the earlier models launched by Google, we expect the price of the Google Pixel 8 to be around $599. Likewise, Google Pixel 8 Pro will likely cost around $899. Check back in to see if we got it right or not!

Google Pixel 8 Features 

Since the actual release date of Google Pixel 8 is not yet confirmed and the rumored date is still future, more specifications have leaked regarding the features that the users will get to experience in Google Pixel 8. 

According to the rumors, the Pixel 8 is expected to have a smaller screen size than Google Pixel 7. Having a more sleek design and curved display, it is assumed that Google Pixel 8 will be approximately 6.52 inches.

Likewise, it is expected that the camera module is going to be oval for all the lenses. However, Google Pixel 7 Pro had a separate section for telephoto lenses.

A new addition may be added below the flash. There are talks of a fourth camera that might provide better picture quality to the users.

According to the rumors, it is a possibility that Google will provide an under-display camera in Google Pixel 8, similar to some of its competitors like Samsung.

No Pixel phones use staggered HDR as of the writing of this article. It’s possible this feature will be incorporated into the Google Pixel 8 offering different exposures of the camera to users.

Pixel 8 Series: What Users Want

Pixel 8 Series

Besides the rumored features of the the Pixel 8, there are certain changes that we as Pixel fans want to see in the next Google Pixel series.

Fast Wired Charging

One thing that has been annoying for the users so far in the Pixel 7 series is the slow charging time. Pixel 7 series takes 90 minutes to get charged which is much slower than other devices. Thus, Google Pixel 8 series is expected to have fast wired charging.

The Same Price Tags

Since there has not been an increase in the price of Google phones in the last two generations, users will likely be shocked if the sticker price suddenly shoots up. Users will be expecting prices to stay the same for the next phone in the Pixel series. If Google manages that, they should be fairly successful. 


Google brought Pixel 7A to the market during the Google IO 2023. Further, Google Pixel 8 series is expected to launch in October 2023. So, this was all about Rumored Date For Next Google Phone . 


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